Jun. 26th, 2018

Animes watched

Caligula #12 (finale):

While the musicians fought the go home team, u went out of control. With help from aria, ritsu managed to convince her that true happiness can only be achieved by individuals themselves. All people awoke in real world to pursue what they wanted to achieve.

Devil's Line #12 (finale):

Taira managed to save yuuki with her blood in time but the event caused the dissolving of f squad. The traitor was still not put yo justice as he had government agencies support. Yuuki was sacked and not allowed to meet Taira. But few years later, they met again and reunited.

Golden Kamuy #12 (finale):

A fortune teller tricked Shiraishi in horse race. After learning his lesson, he told Asirpa and others of information about a place with tattoo skins. Knowing this, they set off. An ex squad 7 soldier offered to work as Hijikata 's bodyguard. In the destination, squad 7 was waiting for its target.

Jun. 21st, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #24 (Finale):

In the other world, Hachirou and Hibiki defeated jinjou and others. Thinking they were dead, Hibiki destroyed her eyes as Hachirou was planning to destroy his so he could stay with her without provoking the ouka technique. Jinrou turned out to be still alive due to tenzen's genes implanted into him. Hachirou was injured fastally and before he died, he used his eye technique to kill jinjou via tenzen's desire. In this world, the other noble who had earlier died was forced to commit suicide. Utsusu and others were still young and alive as the blind Hibiki was taken in to live with them. Jinjou reappeared again, plotting to rape Hibiki for powerful offspring but hachirou's spirit appeared and killed him.

The End

Devil Line #11:

The group set off to ccg's base and found it was a trap with uncontrolled devils. Yuuki managed to save Ishimaru who confessed his identity as Jason or thirteen in ccg but the traitor was someone in the group who went to confront two in ccg. But the latter overpowered him and shot yuuki. Taira rushed to find yuuki.

Juushinki Pandora #09:

Princess was shot but survived. While Leon and others tried to hunt Doug, princess regained conscious to inform others that Doug had tried to save her. The real culprit was an AI monster created by emilia - Doug's late girlfriend who had been used by her organisation to create an assassin. Doug, with support from others, shot down the AI who had killed emilia years ago. Later other day, princess set off to meet the mastermind - Mr gold.

Persona 5 the animation #11:

The student council helped Ren and others located the mastermind of blackmailer. When she was allowed to enter the alternate world, her persona awakened and she joined Ren and others. She told them her elder sister was a police who was after the phantom thieves.

Jun. 10th, 2018

Animes watched

Dorei-kun the animation #09:

Gekkou who idolized internet idol - Marie assisted her to lure Ryuurou so the personality of Kiyo who was zero's late mother could duel him so as to release zero. 'She' failed and escaped with Marie and gekkou.

Devil's Line #10:

Yuuki evolved under provocation of taira's ex professor but continued to maintain control. Later in his base, his new superior - Ishimaru tried to train him to maintain control over his blood lust. After the team met seven and nine to know the CCC anti devil organisation, they went on break. Yuuki recalled he had met the division nine officer more than 10 years ago and tge latter knew of his father's murdering acts. The said officer contacted Ishimaru who turned out to be thirteen aka Jason in ccc.

Tokyo Ghoul RE #06:

Mina went to aid Sasaki who used to be her ex friend - kaneki. Sasaki regained strength to defeat the opponent ghoul. Urie evolved to phrase 4 but was unable to defeat mama. Juzo and others stepped in and defeated her. Saiko and others also defeated nutcracker.

Jun. 3rd, 2018

Animes watched

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono no #09:

Hell idol miki was sick of her public personality image but accepted Hoozuki's offer to work with her brother's to educate the children hell minion. In flaming he'll, while Hoozuki was warning the hell minion of a certain hell insect, one of the insect got into hell dog - Shiro by his butt and he had to be sent for surgery.

Caligula #08:

During the time u was in sleep, the musicians especially IlkeP were beginning to experienced deterioration of their perfect virtual life in the city until u woke to put things right.

Devil's Line 09:

A new superior was put to yuuki's squad and he encouraged his subordinates who distrusted him to investigate on him and superior who had put him to the squad. He also offered to work with seven and nine who had deserted ccc for information and learned that the superior who had put him to the squad was number two in ccc.

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #07:

While watching nami, sousuke suspected nami had abikity like chidori and tessa. The military tried to kill sousuke in the battle match and to kill his new comrades but lemon who was actually an agent from an organisation, got out of prison and saved sousuke's comrades in time. Sousuke won the battle and went after kurama who used Nami as hostage.

Golden Kamuy #08:

Hijikata caught and forced Shiraishi to cooperate if he and Sugimoto found another tattoo, he told Shiraishi of an escaped murderer who had been murdering fishermen. Sugimoto and Asirpa worked with Shiraishi to hunt the murderer. While went separated with Shiraishi, Sugimoto met the murderer who wanted to kill Sugimoto who had the same killer aura.

Grancrest Senki #21:

Theo and others formed the imperial army to fight the mage academy. The lady warrior who was actually a spy from an agent within the academy was forced to assassinate Theo and Siluca . She intentionally failed the mission to protect them. Just when she was going to be killed by the cursed art on her body, Priscilla saved her.

Persona 5 the animation #09:

Ren and ryuji called for maid service out of curiosity and were shocked to see their teacher had worked part time there. She gave them information of a teacher who had messed up club activities, causing mistrust among students. Ryuji aided removing the distrust and that teacher lost his chance as advisor.

May. 27th, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #20:

Hachirou managed to Hibiki from hurting both of them but continued to be trapped before the enemy. Yasha manipulated shichigen to stab his two comrades - the armour ninja and sniper ninja. Both of them sacrificed themselves to ffie with yasha. The sniper ninja recalled her past when she was forced to shoot her beloved elder brother along with enemy to accomplish their mission. Meanwhile, shichigen went after his two remaining comrades.

Boruto Naruto next generation #59:

Basra told other kages that he had found his adopted son - shinkai when the latter lost controlled of his metal sand ability and had offered to train him how to control. Shinkai won cho cho in the match. Boruto and shikadai were next. Boruto used his gadget and won the match but was not feeling happy about it.

Dorei-ku the animation #06 - #07:

A lady who called herself the crazy one, kidnapped Yuuga and fuelled, forcing him and his slave to turn them into hers. Yuuga was ordered to kidnap Eiya and her dog but eiya put on scm and won him in duel, turning him into her slave instead. Flashback of eiya's dog - zashimaru 's past. Zashimaruwas adopted by a scientist when he lost his way out of eiya's house and was involved in scm experiment originally for taming pets. The scientist assistant took the data, planning to use it on humans and ran away. Zashimaru wanted to help his new owner so he put on scm hoping to track down the traitor. He reunited with eiya in the process. Back to present, eiya plotted to get slaves so she could release them and put an end to scm. The crazy person wanted to meet yuuga's friend who had given her scm.

The crazy person challenged ryuusou. Flashback to Julie's past. After she was chased out of house by seiya, she met ryuuou after she was recommended to stay in ryuuou's house. She witnessed ryuurou trying to save his deeply debt ridden mother and offered to help him even when he had enslaved her with scm. Back to present, ryuuou won the crazy person in the game.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #07 -#08:

Yang's men succeeded taking control of enemy's base and captured it from the imperial. Other place, seigfried was sent by reinhard and succeeded putting down a rebellion. They learned of the capture of the base by the allied and an officer who had escaped from it told them of the commanders' mistakes. Reinhard took note of yang who had led in the capture of base.

Devil's Line #07 - #08:

The sniper met her comrade and told taira the spy in police squad 5. The spy wanted to shoot Taira who knew his identity but yuuki saved her in time. A doctor wanted yuuki and Taira to have sex so as to train yuuki on bloodlust control. The doctor invited yuuki and Taira to the hotel where he was having conference so they could have free dinner. A speaker there turned out to be yuuki's mother and she was happy in tears when she saw yuuki doing well and had a girlfriend. She went to a confinement centre where yuuki's father who was a mass murderer and told him of yuuki's status.

May. 17th, 2018

Animes watched

Caligula #04 - #06:

Ritsu learned that some people had been sent to the virtual world after undergoing pains in real life. The fake world was created by a girl known as u. He and the other guy managed to gather others who realised the truth also known as rogues via a message code. A guy asked them to help him find a girl who had been lured by one of the 'musicians' who sent other people against the rogues. They managed to save the girl in time from a musician who looked like puppet and the latter vanished. In a fair, ritsu and others found another rogue who was not aware of her awakening until a musician challenged her. With help from the fairy, she awakened her power and so were others. Except ritsu developed his power on his own when u went out of control. After resolving the outbreak, the group decided to hide their activities in name of a school club with ritsu as the president.

Devil's Line #06:

Anzai yuki was not happy when Hans put his suggestion through Taira. While all devil officers were being relieved of their roles due to recent incident, yuki and others were activated to protect a witness who had saw that a terrorist was not jumping off the building by himself but had been betrayed and pushed down by a man. The sniper survived the attack and was displeased to see the traitor being a police officer. Just as she leaped off the hospital building, she saw Taira and others reaching there to send the witness for medical treatment. She held Taira as hostage.

May. 6th, 2018

Animes watched

Dorei-ku the animation #04:

The boy in girl's disguise hit the bully who was earlier defeated by the dog and they were all asked to follow their new master - ryuuou. Eiya got her dog before it could be taken away as it had scm in its mouth. In other area, a boy tricked a young man - zero in a duel and turned him into his slave. The boy turned out to be ryuuou.

Devil's Line #04 - #05:

Taira went with the police to go after yuuki as he had lost control after Han- another half devil gave him blood to recover his injury. Taira and others arrived in time and Han held yuuki down so police could stop him. Feeling ashamed that he had tried to attack Taira, yuuki continued to avoid her after he completed his suspension period. Han told Taira how he took bits of blood to build up his resistance and offered tyo accompany her to find yuuki. They witnessed the anti devil organisation slashed a reporter to provoke blood urge of her devil colleague. Yuuki arrived in time to save Taira while Han tried to subdue the devil's who had lost control. Han met up with yuuki and Taira later. Yuuki suspected Han was from dame orphanage as him. A police who was introduced to yuuki turned out to be a member of the anti devil organisation and he attacked his fellow member who was manipulated by him to slash the reporter so the latter would be the scrapgoat. Meanwhile, yuuki, Taira, Han and others went to their hideout to rest until the chaos settled down.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #05:

Yang provoked one of the superior for disregarding the ceremony and later running off with his old friend - Jessica who had lost Jean who had died in the battle. The superior later went with his anti war group in disguise to attack yang and his adopted son - Julian in his house. Yang chased them away easily with sprinkler. His direct commander promoted yang to head 13th division to take down an enemy base so as to increase his standing against that superior.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #16:

Soran won the match but refused to take the technique which was the prize. Chou was ordered to accept it instead.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #05:

The black Dragon in form of a woman interfered the battle as she wanted to kill guyus and gigina with her own hands to avenge her dead lover. She was killed instead. Later, guyus confronted the mastermind - the cardinal and told him what he knew about his motive. Later in other place, someone took over a group to prepare for a rebellion.

Apr. 26th, 2018

Animes watched

Devil's Line #03:

After Anzai yuki punched taira's professor to protect her, he was suspended from his job. During his suspension, he aided in sending an accused vampire back to his place when his boss - the real murderer was uncovered to be the real culprit. When Taira celebrated new year with Anzai, an assassin attacked Anzai. Just when Anzai was shot, he faced a white hair stranger.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #04:

Yang wen li whose father was a trader and he himself was interested in history, went to a cadet school and got into strategies course due to his capacity. During his academic year, he befriended Jean and Jessica. When yang became a soldier and was promoted due to his outstanding performance, he moved to a house and adopted a boy as his student.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #15:

Soran and chou fought with all their strength. People around were shocked of soran's real battle ability.

Juushinki Pandora #03:

Jay was forced to accept princess' idea to adopt leon's invention despite his past sin of destroying the city and instability of his invention. Glen offered as a pilot to test the invention. When the robot went out of control, Leon saved Glen in time. Just then, a monster was approaching the city.

Saredo Tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #03:

Guyus and gigina managed to escape the pursuer in time through sewer and continued their bodyguard mission for the cardinal the next day. This time, they faced off ninja assassins.

Apr. 18th, 2018

Animes watched

Devil Line #02:

Inspector Anzai stabbed himself with sedation in time to stop himself from further attacking Taira. She became friend with him. In a mission, Anzai had to arrest an old friend who had accidentally killed her husband who showed her his bleeding finger. Few days later, Taira was almost raped by her professor who was stopped by the angered Anzai. The professor was dismissed by school the next day. On Christmas day, Taira gave Anzai Christmas present and they kissed.

Golden Kamuy #02:

Sugimoto worked with the ainu girl to track down the prisoners and the girl would copy the tattoo before releasing. One of them told Sugimoto that the leader of the escaped prisoners was Hijikata - the ex leader of the legendary shingengumi. Sugimoto also learned the strongest soldier was also tracking the prisoners.

Apr. 9th, 2018

Animes watched

Caligula #01:

A teen who had thought he was happy in school found that things seemed to strange for him, especially when his friends acted abnormally and when he heard someone calling for help in a song on his mobile phone. On the day of graduation, most of his schoolmates turned into monsters and started attacking people around him. A mysterious man turned and shot them.

Devil's Line #01:

Tsusaka was out with her good friend - Akamura and when an inspector turned up to attack Akamura, she realised her friend was a vampire who had been attacking and killed three women. His friend sword he would not hurt her as he loved her before he was arrested. The inspector sent Tsusaka back and when he saw her blood, he showed his vampiric form and attacked her.

Persona 5 the animation - the daybreaker #01:

Ren- the leader of the thieves was arrested when he was in a crime. In the interrogation room, a woman questioned him of what he had went through 6 months ago. 6 months back, ren who had bad record was transferred to a school. On his first day of school, a schoolmates and him were trapped in an alternate universe of school via ren's phone app and they were attacked by an alternate self of a teacher who was going to kill ren's schoolmate. Ren revealed his persona.

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