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Jul. 21st, 2018

Animes watched

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #11-#12 (finale):

Sousuke intruded the enemy territory and reunited with his former comrades on similar mission. He failed to save chidori who was forced to evacuate to other base. A woman went to lemon's base and entrusted him with an automation with sousuke's former automation data so sousuke piloted and defeated the on site enemy. Chidori managed to reach sousuke and made him promise to rescue her. Sousuke reunited with Tessa and her force. Lemon liked her instantly.

violet Evergarden #14:

Violet took a task that required to write a letter for an opera singer. After knowing the singer was trying to write a song script, violet's colleagues offered their help. After the singer told violet of her boyfriend who never return from the war, violet wrote a script that the singer and everyone else were impressed and used in the singer's new performance.

Jul. 1st, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #24:

Ryou intruded the main system and learned of reason for the attempted assassination to him years ago. Just then copies of Kouka intruded the system. In the agency meeting, Erika who was allowed to participated learned that a few of the members were linked to lacia's communication. In the hideout, Lacia told Arato of her next action. When knowing Lacia had helped in duplication of copies of Kouka who were intruding the base where ryou was present, Arato wanted to go too.

Dorei-ku the animation #12 (finale):

Yuuga sent his old friend's contact to Eia who contacted the latter. Ryuuou joined them in the plan as he wanted to save Julia. While eia succeeded winning tokia minato in the duel and later escaped with help from yuuga's friend and the possessed zero while ryuuou went to save other slaves. Ryuuou offered and lost to Eia who immediately released all slaves under her order. The businessman offered to release ryuuou's mother.

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #10:

The enemy failed to assassinate sousuke and others who set off to sousuke's guardian in Florida. Tessa told her subordinates that the enemy organisation had indefinite heads and she needed information by getting plan to kidnap her elder brother. Other place, a new enemy leader who sent his men to snatch a machine turned out to be an ex anti terrorist leader.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #13:

The two girls were asking hoozuki to read horrors to them and two hell minions suggested they should smile like normal girl's. Hoozuki proved how effective they were in hell without smiling or expression.

Two hell workers got into argument as one gave confusing wordings in report. Hoozuki implemented a vote to determine who was right. While he was away, Emma was flooded with requests which was resolved upon return of Hoozuki.

Persona 5 the animation #13:

The teen detective got help from ten to lure out mastermind of a corrupted arts organisation while Ren helped his friend get inspiration for his art work. When the detective offered Ren to be his assistant, Ren rejected as they had conflicting views of phantom thieves.

Jun. 28th, 2018

Animes watched

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #09:

Tessa set a trap, making the enemy the wrong impression she was abandoned by comrades and succeeded destroying some enemy but her brother's right hand man managed to flee. Her brother - Leonard was informed of the attack while chidori was confined in his place in good condition. Meanwhile his men set off to assassinate sousuke who had survived the earlier battle.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #24 (finale):

Ouya was banished from butousai for using other school arts in the tournament and he was asked to return to take over his father's business in Beijing. The young master of zensei was allowed to continue leading the sect as he had succeeded his mission and he ordered the mourning of elderly den. Other place, after soran told others of his deduction that he would be confined by arts of tenshi and that hou hou' s past was not entirely connected to the war, soran was given mission to go Beijing.

Juushinki Pandora #10:

Mr gold controlled bee brai to attack neo xiang long city. Glen got into underground water supply to fight the queen bee and Leon rushed in to destroy the queen bee, saving the city. Later, Leon saw Mr gold from his monitor and recognised that one of his followers was someone he saw related to death of his professor years ago before the disaster.

Jun. 16th, 2018

Animes watched

Dorei-kun the animation #10:

Ryuuou recalled his time with Julia and ran into eiya one afternoon in library with the latter not seeming to know the former's identity. With no clear instruction from ryuuou, his slaves took matters in their own hands and tried to attack the master with star scm but ended up being enslaved instead. Maria wear scm, hoping to turn zero into her slave so she could release him from ryuuou's control but fell under a masked man's control instead.

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #09:

Flashback of sousuke's joining nami's team till their attack and nami's death followed by sousuke's killing of kurama.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #11:

Guyus, gigina, jiv met other offensive jushikiist and to avoid nasty clash, guyus came up with game to avoid physical conflict. Later, guyus and gigina communicated with queen from Dragon empire, disclosing that the mastermind behind the manipulation of events was her. Later, the queen met the cardinal in a politician ceremony where the military general was honoured. He survived an assassination but the real warhead from the viscount who was actually still alive in disguise of zhou lu. Guyus and gigina saw the viscount the last time as he vanished among the crowd and telling them the island threat was only a distract so he could attack the general who had directly caused his lover and her clan's deaths.

Tokyo ghoul'RE #07:

Hinami was arrested by ccg but was allowed by arima to be put under sasaki's custody. Sasaki and others were promoted after the event. Sasaki held a celebration in his house with his team, inviting also akira and arima. Sasaki also received a mysterious package containing kaneki's mask and a storybook for kaneki ken. As sasaki left toka's cafe, toka's comrades discussed how long they would need to wait for kaneki's return.

Jun. 9th, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #21:

Arato refused to leave with Lacia and she left without him. Ryo put him under monitoring until his sister- Shiori asked to meet Arato. After Arato told her his circumstance, she kissed him. Arato met Yuya outside shiori's hospital and after talking, he borrowed her bike, preparing to do what he was going to do. Meanwhile, snowdrop manipulated hie to snatch a kind of item.

Boruto Naruto next generation #61:

Sarada was defeated by shinki. Boruto used help from the equipment and won shinki but Naruto exposed his cheating, putting Boruto under embarrassment. Just then, an enemy appeared.

Caligula #09:

The rogues went to the musicians' base planning to find a door to return to real world. They learned they needed help from u to do that. One of them saved the people terrorised by a musician- shadow knife, only to learn shadow knife had been bullied by those people in real life. Shadow knife fell to death and all learned once a person died in mobius, they would also die in real world. Next day, the rogues were called in to meeting place by fake sms and were trapped. Only the president was not there.

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #08:

Kurama shot and killed Nami before sousuke's eyes. Lemon and his troop arrived but could not catch kurama. Sousuke guessed correctly of lemon's real idenitity, went after and killed kurama alone. Kurama told sousuke of chidori's possible location before he died.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #09:

Yang wanted to tender his resignation but was rejected. Meanwhile, the alliance council was keen to use the captured base to attack the empire. That night, yang and Julian went for dinner but were unable to find seats. The retired Excellency and his daughter who worked under yang, invited yang and Julian to join them. While on way home, yang learned of shortage of experienced technicians to run private facilities as most were enlisted in military. On outdoor television, he saw his old friend - Jessica giving anti war speech.

One Piece #839:

The ex security head created a moving fortress so his allies could seek shelter from big mom's subordinates. Nami, carrot and chopper were trapped but genma 66 regained their power and saved them.

Jun. 3rd, 2018

Animes watched

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono no #09:

Hell idol miki was sick of her public personality image but accepted Hoozuki's offer to work with her brother's to educate the children hell minion. In flaming he'll, while Hoozuki was warning the hell minion of a certain hell insect, one of the insect got into hell dog - Shiro by his butt and he had to be sent for surgery.

Caligula #08:

During the time u was in sleep, the musicians especially IlkeP were beginning to experienced deterioration of their perfect virtual life in the city until u woke to put things right.

Devil's Line 09:

A new superior was put to yuuki's squad and he encouraged his subordinates who distrusted him to investigate on him and superior who had put him to the squad. He also offered to work with seven and nine who had deserted ccc for information and learned that the superior who had put him to the squad was number two in ccc.

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #07:

While watching nami, sousuke suspected nami had abikity like chidori and tessa. The military tried to kill sousuke in the battle match and to kill his new comrades but lemon who was actually an agent from an organisation, got out of prison and saved sousuke's comrades in time. Sousuke won the battle and went after kurama who used Nami as hostage.

Golden Kamuy #08:

Hijikata caught and forced Shiraishi to cooperate if he and Sugimoto found another tattoo, he told Shiraishi of an escaped murderer who had been murdering fishermen. Sugimoto and Asirpa worked with Shiraishi to hunt the murderer. While went separated with Shiraishi, Sugimoto met the murderer who wanted to kill Sugimoto who had the same killer aura.

Grancrest Senki #21:

Theo and others formed the imperial army to fight the mage academy. The lady warrior who was actually a spy from an agent within the academy was forced to assassinate Theo and Siluca . She intentionally failed the mission to protect them. Just when she was going to be killed by the cursed art on her body, Priscilla saved her.

Persona 5 the animation #09:

Ren and ryuji called for maid service out of curiosity and were shocked to see their teacher had worked part time there. She gave them information of a teacher who had messed up club activities, causing mistrust among students. Ryuji aided removing the distrust and that teacher lost his chance as advisor.

May. 29th, 2018

Animes watched

Fullmetal panic invisible victory #06:

After several winning, sousuke and lemon were being arrested on false charges. Sousuke wanted to get into illegal battle rings in return for release. Nami was against entering into illegal battle until sousuke told her that he was doing it to get into a terrorist organisation that had destroyed his organisation.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #08:

Hoozuki and an animal minion was discussing about mustard - a female rabbit minion who was not interested in single nights. One day, mustard was being dragged into a single night and she dragged Hoozuki whom she had admired a lot into the meeting. Hoozuki was able to get her out when she lost a temper at a male rabbit.

Mustard was looking at kirin who was chatting with a female ox minion. Hoozuki joined her and started discussing about kirin's female preference. An old lady claimed all guys including kirin fancied her and criticised non human demons. The ox and mustard hit her.

Persona 5 the animation #08:

The group managed to steal muradare's treasure but it turned out to be a fake. Muradare confessed his treasure was art piece sayuri which was actually drawn by yusuke's mother whom madarame had left to die when Yusuke was born. Ren and others defeated him and madarame confessed his crimes. After staying a night at ren's place and listening to others' past, Yusuke decided to live in dorm to know more people.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #08:

The kidnapped viscount who empathesized with the rebels was caught along with the rebel leader's younger sister by the Dragon empire military leader. Guyus and gigina learned of acts of the viscount. Jiv- guyus's current lover and colleague was upset when she learned of guyus's ex lover whom he did not tell her about.

May. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Full metal panic invisible victory #05:

Sousuke joined a team of AS battle team led by Nami to get back at other team by Don as Nami needed money to rebuild her ruined village. The defeated Don tried to attack them but sousuke got back at them first. In the end, sousuke and Nami went to stay in their sponsor - Lemon's hotel to avoid son's pursue.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #18:

One elderly aided chou and defeated the zensei two members who tried to flee but were caught up. Some zensei members attacked houhou but she overcame their attacks. The rest of the zensei attacked the hq of tenshi sect. Meanwhile, soran was hesitating to take the title of tenshi and he asked the tenshi something which was on his mind.

May. 12th, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #17 - #18:

Hibiki saw illusion of her late mother - Oboro who told her of her hatred of kouga. Hachirou was able to force his opponents back and he rejoiced his allies. Flashback of Namenba's past when she returned to a temple and met young Rui. After the enemy destroyed the temple, Rui joined Namenba. Back to present, the iga and kouga ninja faced off a joujin ninja who manipulated demon God. Gorone used his machine and defeated the joujin ninja and sacrificed himself. In the castle, the joujin leader confessed that he was plotting to use the noble to revive the war Lord and killed the noble who was prepared to rebell. The ninja from tenkai snatched the noble's head and fled the castle. Meanwhile, Hachirou prepared to enter the castle to save Hibiki.

Beatless #16 - #17:

To voice out her feeling that the antibody organisation had been her master and had betrayed by putting blame of airport disaster on her, Kouka went on rampage, destroyed Mikoto again and was destroyed by the military. Kengo who was one of the antibody member was arrested. Arato was told by Lacia that if he had planned future better, he could have avoided the mess.

Refresh of past episodes till the destruction of Kouka.

Dorei-ku the animation #05:

Eia wanted to leave Yuuga but he enslaved Eia's dog to keep her by his side so she could help him get more slaves. Ryuuou was surprised to see zero able to resist his control initially. An unknown crazy person sent letter of challenge to Yuuga and ryuuou.

Full metal panic invisible victory #04:

Seeing how sousuke and her friend's got injured because of her, chidori gave herself up to the enemy. Meanwhile, the hq survivors managed to evacuate safely.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #06:

Yang assembled his 13th fleet including a girl who was a daughter of an ex higher officer. They got an ex empire soldier to intrude into enemy base in disguise of an ally.

Grancrest Senki #17 - #18:

The dark prince refused to wait for enforcement and attacked Theo who defeated and killed him. Knowing the news, Marrine got her mage to convince the powerful Lord in opposite side to join her against the union.

Theo became leader of the treaty which broke off from union aiming to bring the union and alliance together. He asked Siluca to marry him after everything is over. Siluca confirmed Priscilla was the holy grail of the crest. Theo visited Alexis to convince him to stand against marrine so he could save her. To do that, Alexis first sent his men to attack the defecting Lord who was going to join marrine.

Persona 5 the animation #05:

Knowing there's many twisted people, Ren and others decided to form as phantom thieves to change heart of those people.

Apr. 29th, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk Kouka Ninpouchou #15 - #16:

The joujinshou ninjas controlled the kouga insect user usding his weakness in his past and kidnapped Hibiki using mind control. One of them confronted Hachirou, plotting to kidnap him as well. The iga ninjas decided to work with the ninja who worked for the noble to get him into the castle to save Hibiki and the young Lord.

Beatless #15:

The sleeping beauty asked all Lacia class hie to consider building a future. Kouka had been stalked by her master organisation antibody as she was framed for the airport bombing. Lacia asked Arato to build his own future instead of following plan of the sleeping beauty.

Boruto Naruto next generation #55:

The fellow clan as kaguya plotted to gain power of the chakra fruit with the remaining jinchuriki. They attacked and absorbed hachibi from killer bee and plotted to attack Naruto next. Meanwhile, Boruto and others were preparing for their upcoming chuunin exam.

Caligula #02 - #03:

Four of the students were on the run when they found their schoolmates evolving into monsters and world around them did not look right. One boy was told by his saviour to look for him to know the truth. A girl mifue was invited to a tea party and ran off after the other guests turned into monsters. A girl who ran off with her turned out to face the same visual of the world as her.

Dorei-ku the animation #03:

A boy in girl's disguise won a duel with a lady who was being attacked by another scm user. Saiye was tricked by his ex girlfriend - Julia and becam er her current master's slave. The rest knew after they saw his action when he was explained of Julia's current master. Julia met the boy who was in girl's disguise as he asked her to save the lady. When they arrived to scene, they saw a dog with scm defeated the attacker and eeon him over as its slave.

Full metal panic invisible victory #03:

The hq was under great attack and some of the men were killed while battling with powerful robots. In city, the bombs were laid by enemy around chidori's school. Sosuke asked shiori to support him to save the students.

Golden Kamuy #03:

Sumitomo and the ainu girl managed to defeat the pursuing division 7 with help of a bear and white wolf. They adopted and brought a baby bear to the ainu village. Other place, the surviving prisoners plotted to accumulate drawings of the body tattoo to find the treasure.

Grancrest Senki #15 - #16:

The dark witch was sentenced to death but she summoned a demon lord to commit suicide before she was to be burnt. Theo and Siluca returned to take over forest of eternal darkness after the dark prince attacked the white witches, werewolves and rebels within his land. One of the Union Lord sacrificed his land as decoy ggor Theo so he could gather men to attack the castle unicorn.

One piece #833:

Despite having decoys, Luffy could not reach the picture to destroy it as big mom's son anticipated his plot. A masked man broke it instead while jimbei officially declared to leave big mom's piracy team.

Persona 5 the animation #02 - #04:

Ren was joined by two classmates against the corrupted teacher who had forced a student to almost succeed committing suicide. They entered alternate world to defeat the teacher who confessed to his crimes in real life.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #04:

Guyus recovered from his injury and faced the cardinal whom he revealed as being responsible for plotting the fake assassination. He later accepted a job, even though knowing it was a trap. He and gigina were attacked by the cardinal's jushiki.

Sword art online alternate gun gale online #03 - #04:

Pito asked Lleanne to team up with her friend from real life in squad Jam tournament as she had something on in real life to do. As Lleanne was unable to get her favourite singer's concert ticket in real life, she went ahead in the tournament. Before tournament, she wrote a fan letter to her favourite singer. Lleanne teamed up with M and reached top two but was shocked to find M going to shoot her. She lodged in time and questioned M who begged her to spare his life.

Apr. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #54:

Sosuke informed Naruto of his findings and they both discussed of Boruto's attitude. Meanwhile, to persuade Sasuke to be his teacher, Boruto mastered rasengan from Konohamaru. Sosuke noticed Boruto had gotten an unauthorised ninja tool.

Dorei-ku the animation #02:

A rich girl managed to use scm equipment to enslave a man she liked against his will. However, eia and her friend's boyfriend won both of them in a game to enslave them. Upon changing of master, the man went to find his ex girlfriend only to learn she had been enslaved by someone else when he was forced to ditch her earlier.

Full metal panic invisible victory #02:

The base was under intense attack. Meanwhile, Sosuke managed to protect chidori who later was notified by enemy of her friend's captive.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #03:

Just as Reinhard and his childhood friend - Siegfried were promoted, they recalled when they first met as children when Reinhard and his elder sister moved next to siegfried's home. After reinhard's sister was forced to marry the Kaiser, Reinhard and siegfried went to military school so they could get close to reinhard's sister.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #14:

Soran faced off chou in the final match and the latter revealed his unsightly but powerful attack.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #02 - #03:

The twin girls wanted Hoozuki to buy them cute western wear but were disappointed with his choice of clothes. Hoozuki also showed the minions of he'll plants.

The he'll minions were discussing on relation of the head of welcome committee which perform role of shinigami with a fox deity and Hoozuki told them of some conflict in past which resulted all of them working in hell.

Maki was asked in act in role of magical girl and Hoozuki asked a real witch to be consultant till the director wanted to recruit her instead.

Hoozuki and the witch went to human world pharmacy and ran into kirin and his helper. They argued on choice of fashion.

One Piece #832:

The wedding officially started but big mom's plan backfired when Sanji praised how beautiful pudding's 3rd eye was. Pudding was in shock as in all her life, people only ridiculed and bullied her because of her 3rd eye. Just when big mom was commanding others to start the plan, many Luffy broke out of the birthday cake.

Apr. 14th, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #14:

While the authority was investigating the researcher's death, the sleeping beauty watched the video of the researcher before his death and invited Arato, ryo as well as their hie to her mansion.

Black Clover #26-#27:

The mysterious mages turned up and surrounded asta and others. While asta held back their attacks, they managed to knock asta and the younger brother of crimson lion captain unconscious. The other magic knights arrived to the scene to aid asta and others but one of the enemy mage kidnapped asta before vanishing with others. At the enemy's base, they were confronted by the wizard king who defeated them, caught one of them and rescued asta. The wizard king was concerned of the pendants they had collected, including one from the crimson lion captain. Asta with wizard king returned to other magic knights who were attending to the crimson lion magic knights' injuries. They sent in more mages to guard the kingdom and also learned the enemy intended to take down clover kingdom. Asta returned to black bull guild with promotion to his rank.

Dorei-ku the animation #01:

Eia went to confront her friend's ex boyfriend who had ditched her friend and learned of a device that could turn a loser into slave for the Victor after a game. Other place, a woman turned her rapist into her slave to torment him.

Full metal panic invisible victory #01:

Sosuke tried to protect chidori when the enemy took on more aggressive stand to attack the city in order to get chidori.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #02:

The noble wife's younger brother managed to lead the imperial to crush most of allied troop and was promoted.

Grancrest Senki #14:

Theo and his newly recruited revolted people defeated the Lord's another son with his troop and took over the kingdom.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #13:

Houhou deliberately let shoran win the match, both of them earning wrath from the audiences. Flashback of younger fuu son having to scatter his elder friend's soul so the ou grandson would not devour him. When the elder fuu learned that his father had passed all technique to ou in the past instead of to his family, he vowed loyalty to the ou. In later match, the chou defeated the ou grandson. Other place, two western alchemists visited the tianshi.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #01:

Hoozuki allowed most candidates to join the ranks in hell due to shortage of manpower while his minion gave them on job training, they discussed of increasing internet and telephone fraud committed by people when they were alive.

Shiro dog told Hoozuki and the girl twins of a meal deal which allowed them free if they could finish the food within 20 min.

One Piece #831:

The wedding begun while Luffy and others begun to get into action.

Juushinki pandora #02:

Leon lost consciousness when he defeated the monster. His exile was cancelled and he and Chloe were allowed to return to lou xiang long city. The organisation investigated the evolving monsters with Leon who had been exiled in the past as he had caused world destruction before.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #02:

The two jushikiist were called to act as bodyguard to a visiting cardinal who had an agenda for the visit. Later that day, the two jushikiists were attacked by a woman who was seeking for revenge.

Tokyo ghoul re #02:

Sasaki revealed kaneki's personality as orochi ghoul fought over him. Just as sasaki was about to win, h saw the face of kaneki's former friend under the mask of orochi and lost control. Orochi escaped and the authority had managed to subdue sasaki before he could lost himself. Later, sasaki demoted ukie for disobeying instruction and promote another subordinate. Ukie wanted power like sasaki's and sought authority doctor's help. Sasaki and others passed by a coffee owned by kaneki's former friends. When he saw her, he could not stop his tears when he drank her coffee even though he could not remember her.

Dec. 14th, 2009

One Piece #430; Full Metal Panic #10 - #13 (FINALE)

One Piece #430:

Mr 3 joined Luffy and Buggy the clown, hoping to escape Impel Down and ended up being forced down to level 3. In the cell of level 5, Jimbei told Ace how much he respected Whitebeard for bringing peace to Fish Island but other prisoners showed their hatred for Whitebeard.

Full Metal Panic #10 - #13 (FINALE):

Feeling demoralised, Sosuke abandoned his mission and roamed the street of Hong Kong where he ran into a girl who resembled Kaname. She tried to jump on him in a room and was being pushed away as Sosuke recalled Kaname's voice. Meanwhile, Gates obtained Yu Lan's corpse and used her mobile phone to call and anger Yu Fan. In Hong Kong, Yu Fan used her AS robot to create chaos and destruction in the city as well as leaving message to get Sosuke to go to a place. Meanwhile, Melissa got in touch with the operation organiser in Hong Kong to get him to do something for her. In the Mithril HQ, Teletha commanded all involved units to use their robots to combat Yu Fan and despite Sosuke's desert of mission, requested his AS robot to be sent to land, believing he would return back to own self.

Meanwhile, Sosuke was being lured into an abandoned room to see Gauron still alive. Yu Fan and Yu Lan were his students and he was the one who influenced them to abandon the terrorist organisation for his own aim to infuriate Sosuke. He told Sosuke that he had sent Yu Lan to assassin Kaname. Sosuke, in anger, shot Gauron and accidentially triggered a bomb that he escaped in time. Same time, Gate and his four other units appeared to confront Yu Fan and angered her with Yu Lan's corpse. With that, Gate killed the angered Yu Fan.

The Mithril comrades found Sosuke and told him to return back to mission as he was the only one who could drive Arbest AS robot but he refused as he was still upset over Kaname's 'death'. Kaname appeared and kicked him in his face, telling him off. Sosuke returned back to spirit and defeated Gate and his underlinings easily. Immediately after the victory, he ran off to find Kaname. Above from afar, Leonard Testarossa - Teletha's elder brother witnessed the entire scene. Later, Sosuke managed to convince the higher ups to return him back to high school. He also fixed his friendship with Teletha who was thrilled that Sosuke had called her by her name. In school, Kaname cried and ranted at Sosuke in his chest for his earlier sudden departure.

COMMENT: So-so content I guess. Judging from its ending, I can expect a continuous story since Teletha had not met her elder brother whom she thought was dead.

Full Metal Panic - the Second Raid #09; Sisters of Wellber #02

Full Metal Panic - the Second Raid #09:

With Sosuke no longer around to protect her, Kaname tried to pull out the stalker herself by hiding in a motel and changed her clothes to remove any possible trackers. Then, she confronted the stalker who was also a member of Sosuke's organisation on the rooftop. One of the sister assassins appeared, injured the organisation member and attacked Kaname. A young man identical to Tessa appeared and killed the assassin with his mini AS robot bodyguards and forcefully kissed Kaname. Kaname cried in angst over the no appearance of Sosuke as the man left.

Sisters of Wellber #02:

Tina and Rita set off replenishing their supplies while leaving Shirley and the talking tank in hiding. Along the way, Tina taught Rita who had never spend money before how different items were valued in the market. In a bar, they were confronted by people who wanted to catch Rita for the bounty. Tina got both of them to safety in time and tried to get Shirley and the tank out of the place but the bridge out to the city was already damaged when they crossed it. They were again confronted but they managed to get out of danger in time via a passing ship that served as their stepping stone. Along the way, Rita told Tina that she had stabbed the prince because he tried to violate her in the room. She then cut off her hair and hid her birth mark with a band to keep off pursuers. Tina was stunned.

Dec. 13th, 2009

Full Metal Panic #07 - #08; Rurouni Kenshin #01

Full Metal Panic #07:

Sosuke argued with another comrade who was also in charge of protecting Kaname over his irresponsibility to ensure her total safety and was being criticised. Next day, under order from above, he returned back to HQ without communicating Kaname. Kaname was unable to reach Sosuke and was feeling scared when she passed by one of the female assassin on the street. That night, she was shocked to find Sosuke and his belongings no longer in his apartment.

Full Metal Panic #08:

Sosuke was being screamed and yelled at by the screaming Tessa as she made herself clear that she had withdrew him from protecting Kaname because she was concerned over his overloaded responsibilities. That night in the bar, Kurz and Sosuke were provoked by the new AS driver who took over their previous late AS leader who was killed since part 1 mission. The new leader duelled Sosuke in their respective AS robot and won Sosuke easily. He told Sosuke that he had lost because he hated his own robot. As the new leader went to his room to rest, he told Melissa who passed by not to tell others that they had fought alongside before. Melissa promised him.

Rurouni Kenshin #01:

Many years ago during the chaotic time, there was a legendary swordsman who was known to kill many people in one go, then this man went missing. Years later, a young swordswoman - Kamiya Kaoru confronted a wandering samurai and attacked him, mistaking him for a mass killer who used her dojo's name, tainting it. She realised his sword was blunt and knowing he was not a murderer, she ran off and was almost hurt by the real murderer when the wanderer saved her and brought her back to her house. That night, she told him of her past and he told her that her father's wish was her happiness. She walked off in anger but later decided to apologise to him. She found him gone and taking his idea, she went to search her book records and finally knew the murderer was her father's ex student who was expelled because of his murderous intention. Just then, the murderer and his gang arrived to kill Kaoru when the wanderer reappeared and revealed his identity as the missing killer samurai years ago. He effortlessly injured all the attackers and touched by his words of his agreement to her father's sword ideology, she invited him to stay in her dojo. He introduced himself as Himura Kenshin.

Dec. 12th, 2009

Full Metal Panic - the Second Raid #06

Full Metal Panic - the Second Raid #06:

The traitor finally confessed his crimes under interrogation in Tessa's base. In Japan, Kaname finally decided to cut Sosuke's lengthened hair after he frightened the hair fashioner with his gun. In the terrorist's base, the two sisters assassins ran away with two robots after shooting down their comrades. The terrorist supervisor was not amused. At night, Sosuke was shocked to learn that his mission to protect Kaname was being withdrew and he slammed his laptop as he recalled how sincere Kaname was when she stated she trusted him.

Dec. 11th, 2009

FMA Issue #102; One Piece Issue #567; Bleach Issue #385; Naruto Issue #475; Fullmetal Panic III #4-5

Full Metal Alchemist Issue #102: Behind the Gate

King Bradley forcefully sent Roy beyond the Gate where Roy was shocked to find himself losing his sight. Back in real world, as Bradley and Scar fought, Chang Mei was abruptly teleported to the Gate to meet Roy, Ed and others. Al meanwhile was sent to his own body but knowing his thin and weak body could not assist Ed and others' battle against 'Father', he rejected reuniting with his real body and departed. 'Father' was thrilled to find the return of Al as his 5th sacrifice.

One Piece Issue #567: Marineford Marine HQ Oris Plaza

The battle between the Marine and the pirates continued. Luffy was severely wounded and Whitebeard caught him to safety in time. Ivan tried to encourage Luffy on by reminding his dream to One Piece. Whitebeard threw Luffy to pirates, ordering them to tend to his wounds. Meanwhile, the battle went on.

Bleach Issue #385: Vice it

Tousen continued to fight the shinigami captain - Komamura while Aizen fought Shinji. Shinji told Aizen that the latter never knew his Zanpakutou because Shinji never opened his heart to Aizen. Meanwhile, Tousen told Komamura that his goal was revenge and also justice. He retorted that he was not asking for forgiveness and emitted his dark power at Komamura.

Naruto Issue #475: Madara's True Strength!!

Torune and Fuu covered for Danzou who prepared to remove his seal on his arm to fight Madara. Madara immediately identified both of them from Ino and Shino's clans based on their abilities. Madara absorbed Torune and Fuu into his dimension.

In the snowy settlement of Country of Iron, Gaara and others prepared to leave after stating that they assumed Kakashi was the acting Hokage. Gaara told Naruto that he was thinking of Naruto as his friend and told Naruto to think of the meaning as friend so as to analysis his next act to do for Sasuke. With that, Gaara left with Temari and Kankuro.

Other place, Madara released Sasuke and Karin from his dimension so that Sasuke could face off Danzo. Danzo released his seal, revealing many Sharingans embedded in his arm and stated that he would be taking the two Sharingans from Madara and Sasuke.

Fullmetal Panic III - the Second Raid #04:

Realising there was a traitor who handled the interaction among the military team, the commander implemented code communication discussed during the meeting and the team managed to make it through alive, but the main villians escaped. Sosuke was still pissed with the inability of his AS robot for not able to defeat the main villian when they were able to ambush him.

Fullmetal Panic III - the Second Raid #05:

It was a day before exam when Kaname scolded Sosuke off for dismantling a teacher's new car parts when he received a mission to aid Melissa and Kurz to kidnap the traitor who leaked their communication during the latest mission. Throughout the mission to get Melissa, Kurz and the traitor out of the party mansion in an old car, Kaname called Sosuke reminding him of the exams and put down the phone offended. When the mission was accomplished, Melissa asked Sosuke to think of his future as his current life was stuck with mission to protect Kaname, dealing school works as well as military missions and to pilot the important AS robot. Sosuke was silence.

Dec. 7th, 2009

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid #03

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid #03:

Sosuke rushed to a mission in Nanjing where 5 hostages were kidnapped by terrorists underground of a building. When everything seemed too smooth, the communication device was exploded and apparently, their guide was an agent for the terrorist who started attacking the military rescuers. Mao was also attacked by one of the hostages who was a terrorist's follower.

Dec. 5th, 2009

Bleach #248; Naruto Shippuuden #138; Full Metal Panic the Second Raid #02

Bleach #248:

Ichigo was shocked to learn that Muramasa was going to Kurakara Town where his homeland was. The Chief Commander told them that Muramusa had lied stating he had killed his own shinigami wielder but in reality his wielder had been sealed by the Chief Commander for causing chaos in Seireitei years ago in Kurakara Town. Feeling guilty, Ichigo tried to get out of the flames that trapped them but in vain. Yoruichi managed to get out but her created route was resealed by the flames. Yoruichi was also hindered by two Zanpakutou while Kenpachi fought more seriously with another Zanpakutou.

In the Kurakara Town, Muramasa saw Orihime who had been told by Urahara of someone entering the place via Soul Society. She healed him but he stated he was Ichigo's enemy. Ishida and Chad confronted and prepared to attack him. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya and his Zanpakutou arrived and created an ice tunnel through the flames so that Ichigo could escape from the trap and he did.

Naruto Shippuuden #138:

Flash back of the past when young Sasuke returned to his homeland alone after the Uchiha massacre as he swored to kill Itachi. Back to present, Itachi activated Susano'o after Sasuke attacked him with Kirin. With no more energy left, he released Orochimaru's suppressed power. From his body emerged the 8 headed snake. Itachi's Susano'o sliced 7 of the heads and sealed Orochimaru who appeared from the last head into a sword. As Itachi approached Sasuke, he tapped him on his forehead and died. Afar, Zetsu found Itachi's lack of power and injuries before the battle suspicious.

Full Metal Panic the Second Raid #02:

In the military base, Tessa explained the special drive concept to other soldiers. In Japan, Sosuke went on hunting hidden camera rampage when his classmate showed him a website with peeked photos of Kaname and tracked down a guilty student. In other place, a new villian appeared with his followers and killed his opponent cold bloodedly. In school, Kaname told Sosuke that someone had been spying on her from her apartment and the guilty student was not the culprit near her home.

Dec. 2nd, 2009

Full Metal Panic - the Second Raid #01

Full Metal Panic - the Second Raid #01:

Sosuke and his military comrades entered a war torn country to rescue some people and realised their opponents also had updated weapons. With Tessa's guidance, Sosuke managed to return back to his quarter safe and sound with victory. Back to the submarine, he resumed his school work but forgot to bring Kaname's school book back to her after his two days military mission. Kaname was pissed off.

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