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Jul. 1st, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #24:

Ryou intruded the main system and learned of reason for the attempted assassination to him years ago. Just then copies of Kouka intruded the system. In the agency meeting, Erika who was allowed to participated learned that a few of the members were linked to lacia's communication. In the hideout, Lacia told Arato of her next action. When knowing Lacia had helped in duplication of copies of Kouka who were intruding the base where ryou was present, Arato wanted to go too.

Dorei-ku the animation #12 (finale):

Yuuga sent his old friend's contact to Eia who contacted the latter. Ryuuou joined them in the plan as he wanted to save Julia. While eia succeeded winning tokia minato in the duel and later escaped with help from yuuga's friend and the possessed zero while ryuuou went to save other slaves. Ryuuou offered and lost to Eia who immediately released all slaves under her order. The businessman offered to release ryuuou's mother.

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #10:

The enemy failed to assassinate sousuke and others who set off to sousuke's guardian in Florida. Tessa told her subordinates that the enemy organisation had indefinite heads and she needed information by getting plan to kidnap her elder brother. Other place, a new enemy leader who sent his men to snatch a machine turned out to be an ex anti terrorist leader.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #13:

The two girls were asking hoozuki to read horrors to them and two hell minions suggested they should smile like normal girl's. Hoozuki proved how effective they were in hell without smiling or expression.

Two hell workers got into argument as one gave confusing wordings in report. Hoozuki implemented a vote to determine who was right. While he was away, Emma was flooded with requests which was resolved upon return of Hoozuki.

Persona 5 the animation #13:

The teen detective got help from ten to lure out mastermind of a corrupted arts organisation while Ren helped his friend get inspiration for his art work. When the detective offered Ren to be his assistant, Ren rejected as they had conflicting views of phantom thieves.

Jun. 26th, 2018

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #11 - #12

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #11 - #12:

The old hag told the hell minion animals off for swimming in the hell river and Hoozuki introduced them to the slacking hanging clothes old man - the husband of the old hag who always ran away from work and refusing to transfer his skills. Hoozuki made use of his request for Maki's autograph to get him to resign but failed.

Hoozuki showed the animals to visit a hell king who was an animal lover.

Miki wanted to learn cooking from Maki.

The hell police requested Momotarou to tack along with Hoozuki to investigate some demons whom Momotaro had defeated during his living days. It was found that their son was creating computer virus.

Jun. 13th, 2018

Animes watched

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #10:

While the alliance plotted on invasion of the empire, the tactician chief warned of yang of the main team member who wanted to make himself look better than yang in the project. The chief advised a failure with minimum casualty so as to warn the politicians from getting into more wars. In the empire, Reinhard was plotting to bring down as many alliance army as possible for the invasion.

Golden Kamuy #09 - #10:

Asirpa found the victim of the murderer in the toilet bowl. The murderer lured Sugimoto outside, hoping to kill him when alone but ran into the 7th division troop. After they ran into Shiraishi who identified the murderer, the murderer tried to stab Sugimoto but was injured by asirpa's arrow. Sugimoto overcame him but a killer whale got the murderer instead. Sugimoto managed to retrieve the murderer for his tattoo skin before he died. That evening, Hijikata met Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa. Sugimoto did not identify Hijikata but Shiraishi did, Hijikata took interest in Asirpa.

Ogata and another soldier from 7th division left and plotted to betray their lieutenant. They tried to kill Tanigaki who sought refuge in the ainu village and had learned of their betrayal. Tanigaki tricked ogata's comrade into trap and the latter was caught by the 7th division. Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa ran into asirpa's father's friend - kiroranke who told them a shocking truth. Asirpa's father was the robber of the gold and was currently in prison. He had left a lead that he had left the gold in his daughter's trust. Only Asirpa and kiroranke knew asirpa's Japanese name. Knowing more information, Sugimoto, Shiraishi, kiroranke and Asirpa decided to go on journey for their mission.

Grancrest Senki #22:

The order of crest plotted to attack the imperial army led by Theo who wanted to stop the disturbance caused by the mage academy. Priscilla went against theo's opposition to persuade the pope. She allowed herself to be assassinated so Theo could absorb her holy grail crest. The order of crest went under theo's control while the pope was held to be interrogate for linkage between mage academy and the chaos.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #22:

Rinron's comrade related how they were defeated by a zensei member. While jo San was told of possible elimination of part timer system due to an assassination of a top management, tenshi and soran were told of an assassination of another elderly by leader of the zensei organisation who had appearance of a child.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #10:

Hoozuki saw mustard's fighting ability and put up battle matches to promote open position in animal he'll minions. Mustard won all except a cat who slept before his battle.

Mustard was persuaded and accompanied by Hoozuki to a temple operated by a tanuki and a fox who always argued between themselves.

Juushinki pandora #08:

There were cases of indiscrimated sniper shooting. After Leon investigated, all his team members found their fellow member -Doug to be the culprit. After failing to stop him from firing his shoot at the princess, Leon tried to shield her but in vain.

Jun. 3rd, 2018

Animes watched

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono no #09:

Hell idol miki was sick of her public personality image but accepted Hoozuki's offer to work with her brother's to educate the children hell minion. In flaming he'll, while Hoozuki was warning the hell minion of a certain hell insect, one of the insect got into hell dog - Shiro by his butt and he had to be sent for surgery.

Caligula #08:

During the time u was in sleep, the musicians especially IlkeP were beginning to experienced deterioration of their perfect virtual life in the city until u woke to put things right.

Devil's Line 09:

A new superior was put to yuuki's squad and he encouraged his subordinates who distrusted him to investigate on him and superior who had put him to the squad. He also offered to work with seven and nine who had deserted ccc for information and learned that the superior who had put him to the squad was number two in ccc.

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #07:

While watching nami, sousuke suspected nami had abikity like chidori and tessa. The military tried to kill sousuke in the battle match and to kill his new comrades but lemon who was actually an agent from an organisation, got out of prison and saved sousuke's comrades in time. Sousuke won the battle and went after kurama who used Nami as hostage.

Golden Kamuy #08:

Hijikata caught and forced Shiraishi to cooperate if he and Sugimoto found another tattoo, he told Shiraishi of an escaped murderer who had been murdering fishermen. Sugimoto and Asirpa worked with Shiraishi to hunt the murderer. While went separated with Shiraishi, Sugimoto met the murderer who wanted to kill Sugimoto who had the same killer aura.

Grancrest Senki #21:

Theo and others formed the imperial army to fight the mage academy. The lady warrior who was actually a spy from an agent within the academy was forced to assassinate Theo and Siluca . She intentionally failed the mission to protect them. Just when she was going to be killed by the cursed art on her body, Priscilla saved her.

Persona 5 the animation #09:

Ren and ryuji called for maid service out of curiosity and were shocked to see their teacher had worked part time there. She gave them information of a teacher who had messed up club activities, causing mistrust among students. Ryuji aided removing the distrust and that teacher lost his chance as advisor.

May. 29th, 2018

Animes watched

Fullmetal panic invisible victory #06:

After several winning, sousuke and lemon were being arrested on false charges. Sousuke wanted to get into illegal battle rings in return for release. Nami was against entering into illegal battle until sousuke told her that he was doing it to get into a terrorist organisation that had destroyed his organisation.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #08:

Hoozuki and an animal minion was discussing about mustard - a female rabbit minion who was not interested in single nights. One day, mustard was being dragged into a single night and she dragged Hoozuki whom she had admired a lot into the meeting. Hoozuki was able to get her out when she lost a temper at a male rabbit.

Mustard was looking at kirin who was chatting with a female ox minion. Hoozuki joined her and started discussing about kirin's female preference. An old lady claimed all guys including kirin fancied her and criticised non human demons. The ox and mustard hit her.

Persona 5 the animation #08:

The group managed to steal muradare's treasure but it turned out to be a fake. Muradare confessed his treasure was art piece sayuri which was actually drawn by yusuke's mother whom madarame had left to die when Yusuke was born. Ren and others defeated him and madarame confessed his crimes. After staying a night at ren's place and listening to others' past, Yusuke decided to live in dorm to know more people.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #08:

The kidnapped viscount who empathesized with the rebels was caught along with the rebel leader's younger sister by the Dragon empire military leader. Guyus and gigina learned of acts of the viscount. Jiv- guyus's current lover and colleague was upset when she learned of guyus's ex lover whom he did not tell her about.

May. 25th, 2018

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #06 - #07

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #06 - #07:

An old youkai who was often mistaken as a youkai commander in human world was in reality being overlooked due to his small and slipperly frame. He wanted to tell the fox youkai who had been snapped by his lady boss of a missing cafe payment that he had already paid his share at the cash register but was overlooked again. Hoozuki took notice of him and offered to make him noticeable but the old youkai ran off later when the fox youkai wanted him to accompany him to explain to his lady boss.

The fox youkai was having difficulty with his lady boss - the nine tailed fox Daji who ordered him to get her a snake which had just eaten humans. The fox youkai went to ask from Hoozuki who wanted him to work in hell to torment the spirits which the fox spirit failed miserably. Daji turned up and showed her anger that tormented the nearby souls so Hoozuki gave her a snake without charge.

The animals minions went to an arcade and met many hell adminstrators there including Hoozuki who were practicing their tactics. Hoozuki met the Satan and his assistant. Satan challenged Hoozuki for a game duel and Hoozuki won, not giving Satan any face.

Hoozuki brought Satan's two assistants to a Hell office to check the mechanical items to handle souls. They were introduced to a cursed doll which could sentence a soul to a punishment and went after the soul if he were to escape.

May. 13th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #56 - #57:

Chuunin exam commenced. Boruto was forced to use the equipment in round two. He and others met tennis from other villages including gaara's adopted son. Garza met other kages and told them he had been earlier attacked by enemy but was spared as he was no longer a jinchuriki.

Golden Kamuy #04 - #05:

Not wanting to get the ainu girl - Asirpa and her clan into danger, Sugimoto left the ainu village to find the tattoo map alone. He was ambushed and caught by the 7th military squad. Asirpa got help from her white wolf friend and tracked down a the earlier prisoner who had befriended Sugimoto. Together, they aided sugimoto's escape. Meanwhile, Hijikata and his followers attacked a gang after the latter refused his request to join them.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #17:

The zensei group infiltrated the base and fought chou. Someone impersonated soran and lured houhou into the woods. The tenshi passed on the way of tenshi to the real soran.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #05:

Hoozuki met the girl in hell who wanted to meet the hell minion bird who beat down the annoying old woman who had caused the girl's death in human world due to jealousy. Hoozuki chanced upon and saved a crane who tried to force Hoozuki to marry her but failed.

Juushinki Pandora #04 - #05:

Leon used his invention and destroyed a whale like monster. Queenie was attacked and injured by her ex fellow student - wang from the same martial arts school. Chole saved her. Seeing her ability, Leon planted hyper drive into her machine and she managed to control the system to defeat a bird monster controlled by Wang. Queenie and Glen joined leon's pandora team.

One Piece #834 - #835:

Big mom was overwhelmed by successive shocks and lost her focus of grieveness. Luffy made her scream and weakened by showing her the broken photo. Sanji, Nami and others took opportunity of big mom's shock to save the vinsmoke.

May. 1st, 2018

Animes watched

Black Clover #28 - #29:

A black bull member tried to date girl's through mixer in a pub and pulled asta and luck along. Noelle stalked them as she wanted to spy on asta. While others failed to attract the girls' interest, asta befriended with one of the girls as she had younger siblings, reminding him of the younger kids in his orphanage.

People around asta who thought of their opinions of him.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #04:

A princess in the poor area of he'll kept disturbing a police head as she liked him. The head sought help from Hoozuki and got the problem solved.

Tokyo ghoul Re #03 - #04:

Sasaki got his team to join other team to infiltrate a human auction trade by ghouls. Toru (disguised as a girl) and a girl from other division infiltrated as bait in the auction. Seeing that Toru was one eyed ghoul, their interest on him heightened. Two ghouls went after Toru as Sasaki and others stormed into the ghoul base.

Apr. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #54:

Sosuke informed Naruto of his findings and they both discussed of Boruto's attitude. Meanwhile, to persuade Sasuke to be his teacher, Boruto mastered rasengan from Konohamaru. Sosuke noticed Boruto had gotten an unauthorised ninja tool.

Dorei-ku the animation #02:

A rich girl managed to use scm equipment to enslave a man she liked against his will. However, eia and her friend's boyfriend won both of them in a game to enslave them. Upon changing of master, the man went to find his ex girlfriend only to learn she had been enslaved by someone else when he was forced to ditch her earlier.

Full metal panic invisible victory #02:

The base was under intense attack. Meanwhile, Sosuke managed to protect chidori who later was notified by enemy of her friend's captive.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #03:

Just as Reinhard and his childhood friend - Siegfried were promoted, they recalled when they first met as children when Reinhard and his elder sister moved next to siegfried's home. After reinhard's sister was forced to marry the Kaiser, Reinhard and siegfried went to military school so they could get close to reinhard's sister.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #14:

Soran faced off chou in the final match and the latter revealed his unsightly but powerful attack.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #02 - #03:

The twin girls wanted Hoozuki to buy them cute western wear but were disappointed with his choice of clothes. Hoozuki also showed the minions of he'll plants.

The he'll minions were discussing on relation of the head of welcome committee which perform role of shinigami with a fox deity and Hoozuki told them of some conflict in past which resulted all of them working in hell.

Maki was asked in act in role of magical girl and Hoozuki asked a real witch to be consultant till the director wanted to recruit her instead.

Hoozuki and the witch went to human world pharmacy and ran into kirin and his helper. They argued on choice of fashion.

One Piece #832:

The wedding officially started but big mom's plan backfired when Sanji praised how beautiful pudding's 3rd eye was. Pudding was in shock as in all her life, people only ridiculed and bullied her because of her 3rd eye. Just when big mom was commanding others to start the plan, many Luffy broke out of the birthday cake.

Apr. 14th, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #14:

While the authority was investigating the researcher's death, the sleeping beauty watched the video of the researcher before his death and invited Arato, ryo as well as their hie to her mansion.

Black Clover #26-#27:

The mysterious mages turned up and surrounded asta and others. While asta held back their attacks, they managed to knock asta and the younger brother of crimson lion captain unconscious. The other magic knights arrived to the scene to aid asta and others but one of the enemy mage kidnapped asta before vanishing with others. At the enemy's base, they were confronted by the wizard king who defeated them, caught one of them and rescued asta. The wizard king was concerned of the pendants they had collected, including one from the crimson lion captain. Asta with wizard king returned to other magic knights who were attending to the crimson lion magic knights' injuries. They sent in more mages to guard the kingdom and also learned the enemy intended to take down clover kingdom. Asta returned to black bull guild with promotion to his rank.

Dorei-ku the animation #01:

Eia went to confront her friend's ex boyfriend who had ditched her friend and learned of a device that could turn a loser into slave for the Victor after a game. Other place, a woman turned her rapist into her slave to torment him.

Full metal panic invisible victory #01:

Sosuke tried to protect chidori when the enemy took on more aggressive stand to attack the city in order to get chidori.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #02:

The noble wife's younger brother managed to lead the imperial to crush most of allied troop and was promoted.

Grancrest Senki #14:

Theo and his newly recruited revolted people defeated the Lord's another son with his troop and took over the kingdom.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #13:

Houhou deliberately let shoran win the match, both of them earning wrath from the audiences. Flashback of younger fuu son having to scatter his elder friend's soul so the ou grandson would not devour him. When the elder fuu learned that his father had passed all technique to ou in the past instead of to his family, he vowed loyalty to the ou. In later match, the chou defeated the ou grandson. Other place, two western alchemists visited the tianshi.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #01:

Hoozuki allowed most candidates to join the ranks in hell due to shortage of manpower while his minion gave them on job training, they discussed of increasing internet and telephone fraud committed by people when they were alive.

Shiro dog told Hoozuki and the girl twins of a meal deal which allowed them free if they could finish the food within 20 min.

One Piece #831:

The wedding begun while Luffy and others begun to get into action.

Juushinki pandora #02:

Leon lost consciousness when he defeated the monster. His exile was cancelled and he and Chloe were allowed to return to lou xiang long city. The organisation investigated the evolving monsters with Leon who had been exiled in the past as he had caused world destruction before.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #02:

The two jushikiist were called to act as bodyguard to a visiting cardinal who had an agenda for the visit. Later that day, the two jushikiists were attacked by a woman who was seeking for revenge.

Tokyo ghoul re #02:

Sasaki revealed kaneki's personality as orochi ghoul fought over him. Just as sasaki was about to win, h saw the face of kaneki's former friend under the mask of orochi and lost control. Orochi escaped and the authority had managed to subdue sasaki before he could lost himself. Later, sasaki demoted ukie for disobeying instruction and promote another subordinate. Ukie wanted power like sasaki's and sought authority doctor's help. Sasaki and others passed by a coffee owned by kaneki's former friends. When he saw her, he could not stop his tears when he drank her coffee even though he could not remember her.

Jan. 2nd, 2018

Animes watched yesterday

Fate Aphocrypha #25 (Finale):

Shirou lost the battle and passed away in Assassin of Red's lap and she vanished at his passing. Sieg and Rider of Black entered the Greater Grail and met the lady of Greater Grail. She told them that Shirou's wish could not be cancelled. In order to prevent the effect of the Great Grail to cause elimination of humanity, Sieg offered to extend his curse to turn into a dragon and to take the Greater Grail to reverse dimension world where it would not affect the existing world. Rider of Black was given the last request by Sieg to bring happiness to people and she agreeded. She took the younger twin and Lateicia (medium for Ruler) out of the collapsing floating garden. Lateicia returned to her country while the younger twin was given magician honor for stopping Shirou. The elder twin gave up her magic and concentrated in her rehab to her legs. Endless time passed, Ruler - Jeanne's spirit reached the dragon that was Sieg and reunited with him.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu S2 #13 (Finale):

The chief of another Hell was to submit her annual report to Hoozuki who was bemused by how she dressed to attract people's attention because of her beauty.

Hoozuki was overworked due to arrangement of year end party and was supported by two chief assistants from other Hells. The party went on smoothly though King Enma annoyed Hoozuki again.

Shoukoku no Altair #20:

Talil Pasha and his troops was ambushed by Pino from the Empire and was killed. Pino's advisor had enlisted engineers in the mission that made their mission a success. Learning the death of Talil Pasha who was like a father to Mahmut, Mahmut was depressed and wept for his passing.

Dec. 26th, 2017

Animes watched yesterday

Black Clover #12:

Asta went after the thief and Sekke tried to gain credit but he was stabbed in his foot. Sekke thought he was dying and told Asta to move higher for his sake. Asta's team mate caught up and healed Sekke's numbed foot and Sekke went off with the arrested thief. Asta and others passed the snatched money to the old lady who turned out to be the wizard king in disguise. The wizard king went off to check Yuno secretly after his satisfaction in witnessing Asta's null magic. Meanwhile, Yuna was on an escorting Lord Salim mission with Klaus and a new team mate. They dropped by Yuno's church to visit Sister Lily and others.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu #12:

Hoozuki and others went to visit other king hell who specialised in measuring how much a person was lying on a scale. The lady king hell's assistant was acting motherly to all people around her and smacked the lying souls on their butts when they refused to be truthful.

The hell minions asked Hoozuki of source of hot spring in hell and he directed them to different kinds of hot spring sources.

Garo Vanishing Line #11 - #12:

Sword and Sophie reached a settlement where the people mistook Sword for a kidnapper and one of the ladies - Natalie tried to take Sophie away to a police who turned out to be a Horror. Gina turned up to support Sword and reunited with Sophie who managed to delay the ride until Sword's arrival to destroy the Horror.

Sword, Gina and Sophie continued their journey and stayed a night in an isolated motel run by a bankrupt owner - Matthew with his wife and son. Gina and Sword found a Horror possessing the motel and had been devouring people. Matthew had knew but allowed it to continue as he needed the belongings of the victims to gain back his wealth and business in the city. The Horror devoured Matthew. Sword destroyed the Horror and continued journey with Gina and Sophie after Gina modified the wife and son's memories.

Dec. 19th, 2017

Animes watched yesterday

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #11:

The 2 hell minions brought Hoozuki to their houses over the off duty Saturday to experience family life. After their insistence to get him make himself at home, he really helped himself.

The hell dogs had a drink in a bar after work and begun discussing about their breed types. Hoozuki joined their discussion.

Inuyashiki #10:

Inuyashiki Ichiro had to stop the planes that Hiro tried to send to the buildings. With guidance from Ando, Ichiro managed to save the people on planes as well as the targetted buildings but his daughter - Mari was trapped in a smoking building. Hiro was angered at Ichiro's interference and attacked him. In his rush to save Mari, Ichiro told Hiro that he felt more human if he saved lives, damaged Hiro and rushed to save Mari. Ichiro reached Mari who was dying. In his desperation, he managed to bring her back to life and he proceeded to save other people who were in danger. Mari cried in her father's chest before going home without him as he needed to save lives. The people were impressed. In a street, two teenagers found the damaged Hiro who asked for water.

Dec. 14th, 2017

Hoozuki no reitetsu 2nd season #10

Hoozuki no Reitetsu #10:

Mali and her friend went to human world to interview humans and ran into Hoozuki who was working in a human company as an undercover to check the high death rate. They went there and ran into the ceo who claimed he could see spirits recently. Hoozuki suspected the ceo was the cause of high death rate. The ceo was dragged off by Hoozuki when it was found he was already dead.

In the hell, king Enma told the minions how he tried to pair Maki up with Hoozuki to get Hoozuki would get a wife using the gods' love charm but failed.

Dec. 9th, 2017

Animes watched

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #09:

Hoozuki was forced to show the reporter cat to visit a hell king and his assistant who resembled Santa Claus and his reindeer. The cat was more interested in the helpers - a handsome cat and a sexy snake.

Hoozuki brought the 2 minions and hell animals to visit the cold hell. Hoozuki's fierceness in the game made the cold hell in charges decided not to turn against the hot hell king Enma.

Inuyashiki #09:

Hiro shot 100 people in Shinjuku via electronic screens despite Ando's warning through Ichiro's ability to all people in Shinjuku. Hiro declared Ando as his main enemy and vowed to kill 1000 people next day. Next day, Ando found a plane fell and crashed into the city.

Ousama game the animation #10:

Nobuaki and others had to go for next order to rush to a place. Every 8 hours, the one furthest from the destination would be punished. A student died from injuries and exhaustion while running with Nobuaki and Rinoa. Nobuaki almost wanted to die until spirits of his dead friends urged him to live. While continuing with Rinoa, he put himself intentionally behind her so she could live when 8 hours was up.

One Piece #816:

Someone had shot Reijin and Pudding found her struggling to move. Luffy was trying to break his arms to free himself but in vain. Brook faced off Big mom. Pedro recalled how his friend Kepo was killed by big mom when both of them were caught while trying to steal the stone. Back to present, Pedro fought Tamago Baron whose one eye was slashed by Pedro in the past. Pedro defeated Tamago Baron.

Nov. 26th, 2017

Animes watched

Code Realize: Sousei no Himegimi #08:

With the implementation of code realize plan, London was under attack. Cardia and Lupin went into castle to rescue the queen. When they were surrounded by Finis outside, Impey and others went to their aid.

Hozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #08:

The hell minions were excited over a manga whose characters were adopted from hell 10 correspondences- the 10th hell king who controlled a lady kyonshi- Chun - his staff in command. Chun assisted catching runaway souls. The he'll king told Hoozuki that kirin tried to date Chun and ended up being punched by her when he went two timer.

No. 6 #01:

In a futuristic city, Shion who was an elite student, went to Safu - his classmate aka childhood friend's house to celebrate his birthday. When he reached home, he chanced upon an injured runaway - Nezumi. Shion treated Nezumi's wound and sheltered him. However, next day, a police car went to his house.

Nov. 21st, 2017

Animes watched yesterday

Garo Vanishing Line #07:

There was cases of missing people and Sword was informed one of the missing person had mentioned El Dorado and rushed off to the lead, ignoring Sophie who was also searching the same hint for her missing brother. Later, Sophie did research and gave a location to Sword who tracked and found many missing people there with Luke. Sword discovered Sophie was also a target and rushed off. Meanwhile, a dark knight killed the sister who took care of Sophie and other kids in the orphanage as she tried to hold off a Horror who was after the children. Sword and Luke arrived in time to protect Sophie.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #07:

Hoozuki was asked on his teenage life and he recalled how he and his demon friends had sneaked into an auction room and how he got his iron club after the auction owner pissed him off with his insults.

Hoozuki went to the information department and met his old friends who had transferred there and talked about how one of the friends - Uzu was bad with poison but good with engineering.

Nov. 13th, 2017

Animes watched yesterday

Garo Vanishing Line #05 - #06:

Sophie went to the cafe to find Sword and met Gina asking Sword to aid her in checking on a woman who was rumored to control Horror with her rings. Sophie offered to join in as well. Gina, Sword and Sophie disguised as a rich family and infiltrated into the woman - Viola's house. While Sword distracted Viola, Gina and Sophie investigated the hidden rooms and discovered the evidences. Viola rushed to the scene and revealed that she was a Horror herself after her failure in summoning a Horror with fake summon rings years ago. Sword arrived to aid Gina destroyed the Horror in time.

Luke was not happy to learn Sword had involved an outsider in his missions when he saw Sophie looking for Sword. He went off to investigate case of missing people in a theatre. Sophie managed to find Sword's house and helped him in his day job. She also found information that helped Sword to rescue Luke in time from being swallowed by the theatre Horror.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #06:

When Hoozuki was young, he and two demon friends had sought help from kirin to go Heaven to see goddess - Sakuya who was trying to prove to her husband that the unborn children were his. Hoozuki devised a plan to let her give birth in a burning house to prove her words and her husband gave in. In present time, Sakuya went to find the children and Hoozuki recalled that past event.

Hoozuki escort Jizo to let premature death children to recarnate and faced riot from rest of children led by a boy. Hoozuki showed his might and the boy was intimidated. Nevertheless, Hoozuki was impressed by his attitude and made his recarnation dream realised earlier.

Nov. 6th, 2017

Animes watched

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #05:

Hozuki went to visit the first king of he'll who complained other souls always mistook him for king Enma. His assistant used to be a mortal who serves in Japan royal palace. He had gained popularity as he had wandered to he'll through a well and saved an emperor's soul by putting him to good word to king Enma. Hozuki clarified that during that time they had traded position as Hozuki wanted to see the royal palace and he had saved the assistant - Ono 's position in the palace.

Hozuki was serving king Enma with what he thought was the latter's favourite food as the mortals had put all kinds of stories about king Enma. King Enma showed the minions his room to let them better understand him.

Fate Apocrypha #17:

Sieg and ruler went to the street to act as a decoy to lure Jack the ripper. While enjoying themselves and understanding each other better, Jack the ripper struck. Meanwhile shiro convinced rider of red to accept him as his master due to his desire to save the world. Other place, Jack the ripper's plan failed as archer of black and archer of red shot her. Her master sacrificed herself to save jack and used her remaining mana to let jack survive without her before she passed away. Sieg found himself going through the fog into an unknown street as jack went towards him.

Nov. 5th, 2017

Animes watched

Black Clover #04:

Atas and Yuno started their exams. Atas met another candidate to pretended to be his friend and tried to turn on him in the final test of battle. Atas defeated him instantly.

Code Realize Sousei no Himegimi #04:

Cardia followed others to intrude a train ride to kidnap Twilight's leader but found it was a trap. The Twilight leader revealed a truth that Cardia was his elder sister. Lupin arrived in time to save Cardia and others away from the train.

Dies Irae #03:

Ren tried to console Kasumi who seemed unlike herself lately. On the bridge, she suddenly erupted with energy, killing people in her path. Ren tried to stop her.

Evil or Live #03:

Hibiki was assigned to a room with room mates and learned the room mates had been bullied by the instructor.

Fate Apocrypha #16:

Sieg's arm begun to show signs of decay as he had allowed possession of Siegfield for 5 mins before. Ruler and others went to investigate Jack the ripper who had killed many mages and learned Jack the ripper was targetting HQ of Black. They reached in time to save Archer's master and Sieg.

Garo Vanishing Line #04:

Sophie went to check a priest's house as she learned of his disappearance, hoping to get information on her missing brother - Martin after she failed to find Sword. She met Sword who was investigating the priest's sister - Marie. Marie turned out to be a Horror and Sophie aided Sword in eliminating her. Sword agreed to help Sophie find Martin.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #04:

The kiri guy tried to celebrate Halloweeen to attract girls but failed. The cat reporter went to interview a rabbit who hated the tanuki for killing her ex masters in human world.

Inuyashiki #03:

Anpo agreed to return to school but was still bullied. Hiro stood up to him and later shot the bullies before Anpo's eyes. Unable to accept Hiro's act, Anpo broke off his friendship with him. Meanwhile, Ichiro saved some people from burning building and after discovering his healing ability, went to a hospital to heal the patients with terminal illness. Other place, Hiro continued massacaring home occupants randomly.

Juuni Taisen #04:

Monkey recalled her times when she succeeded stopping some wars but also failed to stop all of them. Back to present, Rabbit used zombie birds to lure Monkey and Rat out of the tunnel and they were forced to face off.

Kekkai Sensen Beyond #04:

Chain with other werewolve ladies were on mission to stop launching of a missile and Chain succeeded defeating an opponent to stop the system. Klause and others lured Steven to Chain's apartment for her to release her irritation by throwing teash at him.

One Piece #811:

Luffy was defeated and he and Nami were captured by Big Mama's men. Sanji asked Big Mama to let the Straw Hats go and she agreed only after the wedding is held successfully.

Ousama Game the Animation #04:

Kenta and Misuki insisted following Nobuaki to go to a village that first had the king's game curse. On the ride, Nobuaki recalled how he failed to stop a girl from committing suicide after she confirmed the King did not exist among the classmates costing her sight.

Shoukoku no Altair #16:

The Empire faked a plague outbreak to force the merchants from Veneik to stay away from sea and started invasion of another country. Mahmut with the Doge had other rulers and Sultans to agree on Alliance against the Empire.

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