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Oct. 20th, 2018

Animes watched

Goblin slayer #02:

A girl who was the goblin slayer's childhood friend recalled past wwhen she and her father left the village. Shortly after that, the village along with its habitants including goblin slayer's elder sister were brutally destroyed by the goblins. Since then, the goblin slayer had been taking only eliminating goblin jobs.

Juushinki Pandora #24 - #26 (finale):

With help from fiona, all managed to get leon back to consciousness. Meanwhile, system was hacked and leon tracked down the penetrator. Leon and Queenie went to the location and found a brai with emilia's memory manipulating the surviving Doug to attack them. Cat emilia's appearance woke Doug's sense and he destroyed the brai instead. Sieg staged another attack again but with shared feeling to protect family, Leon and others destroyed Sieg. Life returned to normal as they continued to protect the city from evolving creatures.

Radiant #02:

A scorcer team which stopped the monster temporary turned out to be robbers who snatched cash from the bank while Seth was distracting the monster. Knowing their true intention, Seth tried to stop them but in vain. When the monster shot attack at Tommy and others, Seth used his bare arms to block the attack.

Rerided Tokigoe no derrida #02:

Derrida was attacked by out of control dz robots but was saved by a man who wanted a fee from him but failed as derrida was recorded as dead in system. The current boss of the dz company who had tried to kill derrida 10 years ago learned of his survival and he hired a lady assassin to kill derrida. Derrida tried to find mage but met her friend - yuri instead. Yuri told him that mage was dead.

Sword gai the animation II #05:

Himiko had saved gai when he had tried to commit suicide days back and she gave him a new prosthesis arm. A boy who was bullied had sought help from a cursed weapon but was being attacked by other busoma instead. With guidance from himiko's fire bird, he escaped and ran into gai and himiko's follower who was forcing gai into a duel.

Tensei shitara slime datta ken #03:

The slime tamed the direwolves into living with the goblins and gave them names. The goblins and direwolves evolved with proper names. Wanting to i,prove their carpentry skill, the slime with some goblins and direwolves set off to find the drawves.

Oct. 6th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #75:

Boruto went through some trials and finally reunited with sarada and others to meet the snake sage. The snake sage wanted them to get him an inverted scale of a giant snake in order to answer Boruto's request to get information from mitsuki's snake.

Juushinki Pandora #22 - #23:

Doug was sacrificed in the mission. Fiona tried to perform a ritual but was trapped by Sieg. Leon and Queenie went to save her using their hyperdrives. Later, with increasing evolution of creatures led by Wang attacking the city, Queenie succeeded defeating Wang while Leon was caught up in an explosion to get Glen to destroy the evoluted animals.

Overlord III #13 (finale):

Ains killed head warrior - stoneff instantly. The kingdom ceded a city to Ains as requested. Ains in disguise of adventurer - Mormon faced off fake Ains to calm the people in the conquered city.

Rerided Tokigoe no derrida #01:

Derrida and his colleague - Nathan discovered a bug in the dz technology which was sent unknowingly to battle field. They took a break to celebrate Nathan's daughter - mage's birthday with her friend. Nathan asked derrida to join him for a project initiated by derrida known as time lapse but derrida refused. Later, mage tried to convince him to help her father and he gave her a physical key for dz server so she could pass to Nathan. Next day, Derrida told and passed one of the physical key to his father who headed the operation. That night, derrida's father was assassinated. Derrida and Nathan went on run. Derrida was shocked to know mage did not pass the key to Nathan. Nathan was killed in car explosion by pursuers. Derrida escaped and was trapped in a capsule that put him to sleep for 10 years. When he came to, he found Nathan's present to mage on the capsule. He went out to street and found the city destroyed.

Zombieland saga #01:

A girl - sakura left her house for school and was knocked down immediately. She woke up in a strange house and escaped from it and the attacking girl zombies. She met a police who shot her as she was a zombie. A man turned up to pick her and told her she was dead 10 years ago. She and other zombies were enrolled to form hard metal girl band for concert and she was the first and only awakened one. After the first performance, the other girl zombies awakened their senses.

Sep. 23rd, 2018

Animes watched

Angolmois genkou kassenki #11:

Kuchii and others were forced to abandon the castle after the mongolians broke into it. While protecting the princess and the others, many of kuchii's allies were killed. While trying to secure escape route for the princess and others, kuchii got caught into an explosion and fell into the sea.

Boruto Naruto next generation #73 - #74:

Boruto and sarada found orochimaru who pointed out direction to white snake sage who could point out the meanings of mitsuki's hint. Cho cho and her team were sent to stop Boruto and sarada. After seeing mitsuki's snake, they decided to join Boruto.

Juushinki Pandora #21:

Leon and others withdrew from their mission as Doug was not being his right condition. Fiona foresaw the world destruction. When Leon and others retried again, Doug saw illusion of his late lover - emilia and got caught in an explosion.

One Piece #854:

Luffy was at an advantage when fighting katakuri but he promised to meet Nami and others in cocoa island. Brulee overheard and told her other ally. Nami and others destroyed all mirrors on ship in time to avoid brulee's attack.

Phantom in the twilight #11:

Ton and others reached the London tower where vlad and others were forced to leave ton as they fought opponents. Ton faced off the brainwashed shinyao. Helsing arrived to help ton but got injured when he shielded his former subordinate from shinyao's attacks.

Sep. 7th, 2018

Animes watched

Juushinki Pandora #20:

Leon was hesitating on telling Chloe that sieg was her brother. Just then, Sieg used brai to possess a satellite to attack a city that provided neo xiang long supplies. Doug and Queenie flew to outer space to shoot the satellite. Queenie's enemy- Wang fought her. Doug tried to shoot but a voice from his late lover made him lost concentration and missed his target. The satellite destroyed a place.

Phantom in the twilight #08:

Vlad and others worried for ton who lost her memory of shinyao and constantly checked on her. Meanwhile, Chris and shinyao were on the run from midnight sun. After a full day rest, ton regained her hair colour and memory of shinyao.

One Piece #852:

Luffy was struggling to fight kataruki who ordered brulee to send their subordinates to burn sunny ship through her mirrors. Pudding modified her chefs' memory so they would support Sanji and chiffon to make wedding cake to stop big mama's madness.

satsuriki no tenshi #09:

Rachel found zack's knife and saw his living environment. Danny wanted Zack to dig and gave him Rachel's eyes but was refused. He left off. Rachel met Zack and they both went together to find Danny for medicine to heal Zack. Zack collapsed from blood loss and lent Rachel his knife to continue her pursue.

Angolmois genkou kassenki #07 - #08:

Under guidance from the emperor who was teruhi's great grandfather, kuchii and others sought refuge in a clan's castle. One convict killed another convict for a mongolian's pass and passed information to the enemy to invade the castle.

Lord of Vermilion guren no ou #07 - #08:

Chihiro had dream of kotetsu's death and he confined to yuri. Meanwhile, Jun wanted haru to support him in giving chihiro a painful death by killing someone close to him first. Yuri stopped jun in time from torturing kotetsu in front of chihiro. Chihiro introduced yuri to others as ally. The lady detective believed chihiro did not kill his own father when he was 7 years old and went to investigate but was killed. Others doubted yuri as her father went to fetch her. Seeing chihiro in difficult ground, yuri left with her father and was punished by her father later.

Tenrou Sirius no jaeger#06 - #08:

Professor Willard told yuily to decide how to live his life other than revenge since his elder brother was still alive as vampire. Yuily asked Philips how he managed since Philips parents were killed by someone from yuily's clan and Philips told him he did not live on revenge. Later, Willard got information from a dying comrade of intended invasion of the Japanese baron's home and ryouko was tasked to protect her family. The leading vampire told yuily that Willard was the one who analysed information from an ancient book to the vampires, leading to downfall of yuily's clan. Yuily killed the leading vampire but could not bring himself to kill Willard who was like a father to him for past 10 years. With aid from Willard, yuily moved to a place where the senior vampire who had turned yuily's brother into vampire, had moved as he could have known location of Sirius box. The senior vampire wanted yuily's brother to retrieve the box from yuily's father's seal but failed. The vampire plotted to use yuily next. Meanwhile, yuily and his new comrade went to an old man's aid and yuily was attacked by the senior vampire's subordinates.

Aug. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Juushinki Pandora #19:

While undergoing medical test in hospital as Leon survived his fatal injury without loss of blood, he, Queenie and Doug underwent strange transition when their body suddenly took control remotely of their automobile for a while. Leon suspected it was their evolution just like evoluted animals around them.

One Piece #849 - #850:

The strawhats and sunny were trapped between big mum and her subordinates while being stuck on candy. Pedro sacrificed himself by activating a bomb with the candy man so sunny will be free from the candy. Carrot recalled her time when Pedro trained her as a warrior and wanted to exact revenge on katuri - another of big mom's son on sunny ship. Luffy saved her in time and usding bruelee, he trapped himself and katuri into the mirror world, smashing the mirror that would lead to his ship so others could escape on sunny without enemy on the ship.

Overlord III #06:

Adventurers outside the area of rules of guilds, accepted invitation by a rich noble to hunt a grave. Ains in disguise of Mormon, joined in.

Satsuriku no tenshi #07:

To save the bleeding Zack, Rachel made a deal with a floor resident - a priest to return to the previous floors for medication to heal Zack. She had to pass a test on every level. At cathy's floor, Rachel faced zombies and she went control room to use the machine guns to shoot them down.

Shichisei no Subaru #07:

While searching for haruto's previous sword, they met clive- ne of their former guild member. After clive aided Haruto obtained his previous sword, he suddenly stabbed him in his back.

Aug. 12th, 2018

Animes watched

Tenrou Sirius the jaeger #04:

Yuily insisted going to other place with His comrade so he could fight vampires. The daughter of his host followed them to a train and rushed behind them to other train as yuily smelt vampires. On the train, he met his elder brother again.

Angolmois genkou kassenki 05:

Seeing her burning capital, the princess reunited with her adopted brother and survivors from the capital. The group tried to make way to other area while fighting the pursuers. Kuchii recalled his past when he tried to protect an old noble but failed and was exiled to the island.

Aguu tensai ningyou #04:

While tracking a suspected tailor who was cheating money, the teen became impatient and attacked the suspect for information to release the Aguu. His grand father confronted him.

Juushinki Pandora #17 - #18:

Queenie acted as princess's double and the team fought off a former gold's subordinate who had fused with a dog monster. Princess knew Jay had worked with the team to protect her as he fufiled his promise to her long ago.

While escorting supplies team, Leon and others were attacked. Leon confronted Sieg after knowing the pattern. In his fight, Leon was stabbed and was rushed to operation room by his arriving comrades.

Phantom in the twilight #04 - #05:

Ton managed to put their zombie friend back to possessing his own heart after his previous talisman given by ton's great grandmother was ripped off by enemy. Ton was able to create the same talisman with her inherited power. After the incident, she was made manager of the cafe.

The cafe was given next task to find a lover for a fairy who wanted to stop taking life energy from her current lover. In the end, ton used her power and solved their problem.

Satsuriku no tenshi #04 - #06:

Rachel and Zack reached a level where a sadistic woman - Cathy played around them with games of death and tormenting Zack with his past when he had killed his guardians who forced him to bury his dead orphanage mates. Rachel ended up shooting Cathy with her pistol and Rachel with Zack proceeded to next level but Zack collapsed from loss of blood.

Shikioriori part 1:

A man was contemplating his life that was circulated by noodles from childhood till passing of his grandmother who had raised him.

Sword gai the animation II #02:

Marcus turned into a rogue after learning miki's death and that his lover - aya was same person as miki's lover. He killed aya and tried to escape from the base. Three crystallis were awaken to go after him. Other place, sayaka lost her ability to talk after witnessing gai's suicide.

Jul. 29th, 2018

Animes watched

Aguu tenshi ninnyou #02 - #03:

So told machi about the saviours who could free the Aguu but she did not intend to use the talisman on her friend, nevertheless, she was planning to shred ties with her, knowing the reason of machi's success. Machi took ai to Aguu market place wanting to let her have one of her three Aguu. After machi told the tailor- Sherlock about the situation and her willingness to give him one of her Aguu as payment, he agreed. In the midst of extracting the Aguu, ai saw the tearful Aguu and put the talisman on machi. The saviors - rafu and his grandfather had followed ai and they tried to save the Aguu while fighting Sherlock. Rafu overused his flame and burnt down the place.

Ai was aghast that she could not save machi from the burning building but rafu's grandfather told her that machi was protected by sherlock's technique. The tailors association turned up to find the surviving machi who was badly disfigured by the fire and the dead Sherlock. The leader saw machi's burning hatred and restored her looks with some Aguu, turning her into another tailor. While ai joined rafu and his grandfather as saviour, hoping to find and save machi, machi was planning to seek revenge on ai for betraying her.

Juushinki Pandora #16:

The ex subordinate of mister gold who was indeed Dr long claimed himself as Sieg and told Leon that he had been infiltrated by Dr long of multi dimension during his past studies and had started the disaster. He wanted Leon who had knowledge of hyper drive and rector to join him but was refused. Queenie arrived in time to save Leon. In the power deprived city, the people used fire light to brighten the city. Princess was prepared to tell Jay of Dr long and the rector.

Jul. 28th, 2018

Animes watched

Chuukan kanriroku tonegawa #04:

Yuuko got his inspiration of idea when he went to train station and came up with human majong. In the meeting, he proposed the idea but his subordinate came up with better idea - scissor paper stone card game. Yuuko approved his plan but to get back bit of pride, he named the game himself.

Juushinki Pandora #15:

Leon, Queenie and Doug went to leon's old home after they survived the mission. Leon met the illusional girl again and came up with a plan. While Jay was tasked to aim energy at the monster which was merged with mister gold, princess succeeded destroying the statue skulls with her soul sending ritual though she was caught but Cain went to save her in time. Leon, Queenie and Doug destroyed mister gold after jay's energy canon weakened the monster. After achieving success, Leon sensed dark energy and went there seeing mister Gold's assistant who was actually Dr long.

Overlord III #02 - #03:

Ains's subordinates mistook his intention was to have world domination and Ains had no choice but to go along with them. In the village that Ains had saved, enri had the goblins' help to rebuild the village. Nlp who liked her and she to him was encouraged by a goblin to woo her. Enri and others saved a child goblin and learned his village was attacked by two monsters who were gathering forces to fight someone. The village would also be attacked. Enri had to go to the big city to get help from adventurers to protect the village. Ains in disguise of Mormon helped her. Enri returned to village and was asked to be the village head. Knowing of the reasons, she decided to accept the role.

phantom in the twilight #03:

Ton and others met Luke who was trying to save shinyao from his fellow werewolf but failed. Ton was determined to save her friend next time.

Shichisei no Subaru #04:

Ashahi had flashes of memory in past 6 years when she touched a red crystal after their succeed in the quest. Returning to hotel, every other players already knew of the news. Hotaru accidentally offended satsuki in real world when he kept taslking about ashahi and she lost her concentration in their next quest in tower of heaven. Ashahi found another red crystal but a former friend stopped her from touching it as he sensed it was bad.

Jul. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Juushinki Pandora #14:

Mister gold's subordinate set monstrous centicipde to attack the city and set up posts with mister gold's ancestor skulls on it, causing Leon and other's hyper drive to lost contact with the reactor.

Satsuriku no tenshi #03:

Zack faced off grave digger - Eddie who wanted to kill Rachel but she got the remote control from him during his pursue on her and Zack killed him. Zack and Rachel ascended to next level.

One Piece #845 - #846:

Big mama pursued Luffy and others and her sun killed the king tree while Nami managed to delay big mama's pursue by luring her cloud. Chopper and brook reached their mini submarine while big mama's subordinates intruded sunny ship. Pudding tried to persuade her sister to help her making wedding cake to stop big mama's hunger pange so she could save Sanji and others.

Jul. 10th, 2018

Animes watched

Berserk 2017 #08:

Guts, the young witch and others reached the goblin den to rescue Casca and farnese in time. Guts fought the goblins to buy time for others to escape. A God's hand member - slan appeared from the goblins intestines to seduce guts but the skeleton face knight appeared and guided guts to destroy her illusion form and reunited with others who returned safely with the rescued women and children back to the village.

Juushinki Pandora #13:

Leon woke from sleep to learn the reactor was getting unstable. Princess showed Leon the secret altar of chaos and entrusted task to protect neo xiang long to him. Jay visited Cain in hospital and the latter told him that anyone could be of use to others in any way. Jay later met Leon and both rushed to the reactor which went out of control after mister gold threw his late father's skull into the pit containing the chaos to reactor. Leon almost lost himself in the chaos but Jay saved him in time and the reactor stabilised.

Phantom in the Twilight #01:

Two girls - Ton and shinyao went to London from China but a fuzzy creature snatched their luggage. Ton gave chase and her grandmother's ring fell into hand of a mysterious man along the way. Ton used her family magic and found herself into a cafe manned by three young men. After seeing her resemblance to her grandmother - rijian who used to be their comrades and hearing ton's story, they tracked down a team of goblins who were the culprit. Ton ran into the mysterious man again who returned her the ring and told her to wear it. While trying to help the young men who were fighting goblins, ton activated her grandmother's skill through the ring. When the creature was eliminated, one of the men changed her memory so she would forget the event and return to normal life. When ton returned to the apartment with luggage but only in time to see shinyao being kidnapped.

Jul. 7th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #64:

Naruto saw the enemy's ability as the latter tried to absorb his chakra for his own and regretted not giving Boruto more attention. Just the, Boruto and others turned up to rescue him. Naruto apologised to Boruto who told him he wanted to know more of Naruto's past.

Naruto SD Rock Lee no Seishuun #45:

To boost tsunade's spirit in the winter season, gai held an ice craving competition, prize was winner could kiss the person he or she liked. Naruto, lee and hinata tried their best but all failed. Only their sketch improved her mood.

It was Valentine day, Naruto and Lee wanted to lure the girls to give them chocolate. In the end, they received friendship chocolate token from them.

Satsuriku no tenshi #01:

A girl - Rachel found herself in a building with a man who claimed to be Dr Danny. In a moment, she found herself wandering to basement where she was pursued by a teen who wanted to kill her. She rusdhed to higher level and was attacked by Dr Danny who wanted her eyes. The teen caught up and killed Danny but his words woke Rachel's memory thsst her parents were already dead. She asked the teen to kill her.

Shichisei no Subaru #01:

Haruno and his game friends formed a guild - Subaru in an online game. But in a quest, their team mate - asahi was killed and she died of heart failure in real life. Bring scarred of her death, haruno refused to play the online game. 6 years later, he was being called by his other friends to play the game again and he found asahi in a chest.

Black Clover #37 - #39:

While the three guild captains distracted the third eye, yami and Asta injured Licht further, forcing all members of the eye of midnight sun to retreat. After bidding farewell to Rebecca and others, mimosa, Yuno and their senior healed asta who returned to the guild with Noelle and others. After having a competition feast, yami and Asta went to attend a captain meeting as the wizard king sought Asta's help to remove block magic from two captives thus finding out the traitor among the captain. The captain from the purple guild was found to be the culprit and was arrested. The wizard king asked yami to lead the black bull guild to find a magic stone before the members of eye of midnight sun did.

Juushinki Pandora #12:

Leon and Cain were tasked to get blood sample from refugee of a disease outbreak. While Cain was trying to find his lost wife and son at the same time, he met his ex comrade - michael who was infected. The subordinate of Mr gold used brai to control the machine that Michael was ridding. Michael was dead in process but his blood helped Leon to create a vaccine that saved lives of the people. Cain bypassed his separated wife and son who were moving on to other city.

Jul. 3rd, 2018

Animes watched

Dies Irae to the ring reincarnation #01:

The priest told Ren and others to power up so as to save Theresia. Later Ren met and had some talk with Maria.

Juushinki Pandora #11:

Leon told Jay that the late Dr long was the one who activated the Pandora but he wanted to keep the truth a secret. Flash back of past, Leon took in his foster sister as she was blood sister of the late Dr long. Leon could not forget the mysterious man besides Mr gold as he had been present during Dr long's death.

Shoukoku no Altair #21 - #24 (finale):

Mahmut pasha went via water in the dark to gather the surviving troops of the late pasha. In his lead, they snatched the imperial army of the food supply and lured them to an area where the imperial was ambushed by the anti imperial alliances. The imperial was forced to go espada to conquer the city but was completely destroyed. However, the people in cielo were not aware of the victory and killed their director before they learned of the situation. Knowing their mistakes, they allowed mahmut and his country took over the governing of the land. Under mahmut's guidance, cielo became a peaceful and strong state while his fellow pasha continued his quest to invade the imperial to maintain peace to the country.

Jun. 28th, 2018

Animes watched

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #09:

Tessa set a trap, making the enemy the wrong impression she was abandoned by comrades and succeeded destroying some enemy but her brother's right hand man managed to flee. Her brother - Leonard was informed of the attack while chidori was confined in his place in good condition. Meanwhile his men set off to assassinate sousuke who had survived the earlier battle.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #24 (finale):

Ouya was banished from butousai for using other school arts in the tournament and he was asked to return to take over his father's business in Beijing. The young master of zensei was allowed to continue leading the sect as he had succeeded his mission and he ordered the mourning of elderly den. Other place, after soran told others of his deduction that he would be confined by arts of tenshi and that hou hou' s past was not entirely connected to the war, soran was given mission to go Beijing.

Juushinki Pandora #10:

Mr gold controlled bee brai to attack neo xiang long city. Glen got into underground water supply to fight the queen bee and Leon rushed in to destroy the queen bee, saving the city. Later, Leon saw Mr gold from his monitor and recognised that one of his followers was someone he saw related to death of his professor years ago before the disaster.

Jun. 21st, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #24 (Finale):

In the other world, Hachirou and Hibiki defeated jinjou and others. Thinking they were dead, Hibiki destroyed her eyes as Hachirou was planning to destroy his so he could stay with her without provoking the ouka technique. Jinrou turned out to be still alive due to tenzen's genes implanted into him. Hachirou was injured fastally and before he died, he used his eye technique to kill jinjou via tenzen's desire. In this world, the other noble who had earlier died was forced to commit suicide. Utsusu and others were still young and alive as the blind Hibiki was taken in to live with them. Jinjou reappeared again, plotting to rape Hibiki for powerful offspring but hachirou's spirit appeared and killed him.

The End

Devil Line #11:

The group set off to ccg's base and found it was a trap with uncontrolled devils. Yuuki managed to save Ishimaru who confessed his identity as Jason or thirteen in ccg but the traitor was someone in the group who went to confront two in ccg. But the latter overpowered him and shot yuuki. Taira rushed to find yuuki.

Juushinki Pandora #09:

Princess was shot but survived. While Leon and others tried to hunt Doug, princess regained conscious to inform others that Doug had tried to save her. The real culprit was an AI monster created by emilia - Doug's late girlfriend who had been used by her organisation to create an assassin. Doug, with support from others, shot down the AI who had killed emilia years ago. Later other day, princess set off to meet the mastermind - Mr gold.

Persona 5 the animation #11:

The student council helped Ren and others located the mastermind of blackmailer. When she was allowed to enter the alternate world, her persona awakened and she joined Ren and others. She told them her elder sister was a police who was after the phantom thieves.

Jun. 13th, 2018

Animes watched

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #10:

While the alliance plotted on invasion of the empire, the tactician chief warned of yang of the main team member who wanted to make himself look better than yang in the project. The chief advised a failure with minimum casualty so as to warn the politicians from getting into more wars. In the empire, Reinhard was plotting to bring down as many alliance army as possible for the invasion.

Golden Kamuy #09 - #10:

Asirpa found the victim of the murderer in the toilet bowl. The murderer lured Sugimoto outside, hoping to kill him when alone but ran into the 7th division troop. After they ran into Shiraishi who identified the murderer, the murderer tried to stab Sugimoto but was injured by asirpa's arrow. Sugimoto overcame him but a killer whale got the murderer instead. Sugimoto managed to retrieve the murderer for his tattoo skin before he died. That evening, Hijikata met Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa. Sugimoto did not identify Hijikata but Shiraishi did, Hijikata took interest in Asirpa.

Ogata and another soldier from 7th division left and plotted to betray their lieutenant. They tried to kill Tanigaki who sought refuge in the ainu village and had learned of their betrayal. Tanigaki tricked ogata's comrade into trap and the latter was caught by the 7th division. Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa ran into asirpa's father's friend - kiroranke who told them a shocking truth. Asirpa's father was the robber of the gold and was currently in prison. He had left a lead that he had left the gold in his daughter's trust. Only Asirpa and kiroranke knew asirpa's Japanese name. Knowing more information, Sugimoto, Shiraishi, kiroranke and Asirpa decided to go on journey for their mission.

Grancrest Senki #22:

The order of crest plotted to attack the imperial army led by Theo who wanted to stop the disturbance caused by the mage academy. Priscilla went against theo's opposition to persuade the pope. She allowed herself to be assassinated so Theo could absorb her holy grail crest. The order of crest went under theo's control while the pope was held to be interrogate for linkage between mage academy and the chaos.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #22:

Rinron's comrade related how they were defeated by a zensei member. While jo San was told of possible elimination of part timer system due to an assassination of a top management, tenshi and soran were told of an assassination of another elderly by leader of the zensei organisation who had appearance of a child.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #10:

Hoozuki saw mustard's fighting ability and put up battle matches to promote open position in animal he'll minions. Mustard won all except a cat who slept before his battle.

Mustard was persuaded and accompanied by Hoozuki to a temple operated by a tanuki and a fox who always argued between themselves.

Juushinki pandora #08:

There were cases of indiscrimated sniper shooting. After Leon investigated, all his team members found their fellow member -Doug to be the culprit. After failing to stop him from firing his shoot at the princess, Leon tried to shield her but in vain.

May. 27th, 2018

Animes watched

Golden Kamuy #06 - #07:

A runaway prisoner with tattoo - Hihei joined force with an ex soldier - Tanigaki to hunt down the white wolf that Asirpa used to keep. After hunting down a deer, Sugimoto and Asirpa ran into Shiraishi who warned them of hihei who was after asirpa's white wolf. Sugimoto and others ran into hihei and Tanigaki in time before they could shoot the white wolf but the trio were defeated and Asirpa was taken away as bait to lure her white wolf. Sugimoto and Shiraishi with help from the white wolf and it's wolf family, defeated hihei and Tanigaki. Hihei died and Sugimoto took his tattoo skin. Tanigaki who was poisoned by an arrow was sent to asirpa's village for treatment. While wandering in town later, Shiraishi ran into a strong prisoner and was stuck in his escape path by the squad 7.

Grancrest Senki #19 - #20:

Alexis defeated an alliance powerful sea Lord after putting down a rebellion. When Theo and others held out against marine's alliance force attack, Alexis arrived to support Theo. Theo put up proposal for trace and marine finally accepted Alexis proposal to her. The mage association which was mastermind to aid chaos for starting the great hall tragedy and wars, started assassinating mages who were aiding the lords with crest marks.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #19:

Soran convinced the tenshi to delay passing of tenshi skill to him so he could aid resolving the current chaos on hand. While one elderly was having difficulty facing the strongest zensei, tenshi arrived to see chou who had been dragged off the battle with a zensei member who seemed to be flirting with chou.

Juushinki Pandora #07:

Chloe went after Leo when she saw him dressed neater than usual and mistook him for going for a date, probably with Queenie. Leo had illusion of a strange girl - Fiona with a panda toy. The entire situation turned out Leo, Queenie and others were after an illegal deal and the coordinator escaped. But Leo and others retained the loot. Leo gave Chloe a bracelet she had liked in a shop.

May. 13th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #56 - #57:

Chuunin exam commenced. Boruto was forced to use the equipment in round two. He and others met tennis from other villages including gaara's adopted son. Garza met other kages and told them he had been earlier attacked by enemy but was spared as he was no longer a jinchuriki.

Golden Kamuy #04 - #05:

Not wanting to get the ainu girl - Asirpa and her clan into danger, Sugimoto left the ainu village to find the tattoo map alone. He was ambushed and caught by the 7th military squad. Asirpa got help from her white wolf friend and tracked down a the earlier prisoner who had befriended Sugimoto. Together, they aided sugimoto's escape. Meanwhile, Hijikata and his followers attacked a gang after the latter refused his request to join them.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #17:

The zensei group infiltrated the base and fought chou. Someone impersonated soran and lured houhou into the woods. The tenshi passed on the way of tenshi to the real soran.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #05:

Hoozuki met the girl in hell who wanted to meet the hell minion bird who beat down the annoying old woman who had caused the girl's death in human world due to jealousy. Hoozuki chanced upon and saved a crane who tried to force Hoozuki to marry her but failed.

Juushinki Pandora #04 - #05:

Leon used his invention and destroyed a whale like monster. Queenie was attacked and injured by her ex fellow student - wang from the same martial arts school. Chole saved her. Seeing her ability, Leon planted hyper drive into her machine and she managed to control the system to defeat a bird monster controlled by Wang. Queenie and Glen joined leon's pandora team.

One Piece #834 - #835:

Big mom was overwhelmed by successive shocks and lost her focus of grieveness. Luffy made her scream and weakened by showing her the broken photo. Sanji, Nami and others took opportunity of big mom's shock to save the vinsmoke.

Apr. 26th, 2018

Animes watched

Devil's Line #03:

After Anzai yuki punched taira's professor to protect her, he was suspended from his job. During his suspension, he aided in sending an accused vampire back to his place when his boss - the real murderer was uncovered to be the real culprit. When Taira celebrated new year with Anzai, an assassin attacked Anzai. Just when Anzai was shot, he faced a white hair stranger.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #04:

Yang wen li whose father was a trader and he himself was interested in history, went to a cadet school and got into strategies course due to his capacity. During his academic year, he befriended Jean and Jessica. When yang became a soldier and was promoted due to his outstanding performance, he moved to a house and adopted a boy as his student.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #15:

Soran and chou fought with all their strength. People around were shocked of soran's real battle ability.

Juushinki Pandora #03:

Jay was forced to accept princess' idea to adopt leon's invention despite his past sin of destroying the city and instability of his invention. Glen offered as a pilot to test the invention. When the robot went out of control, Leon saved Glen in time. Just then, a monster was approaching the city.

Saredo Tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #03:

Guyus and gigina managed to escape the pursuer in time through sewer and continued their bodyguard mission for the cardinal the next day. This time, they faced off ninja assassins.

Apr. 14th, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #14:

While the authority was investigating the researcher's death, the sleeping beauty watched the video of the researcher before his death and invited Arato, ryo as well as their hie to her mansion.

Black Clover #26-#27:

The mysterious mages turned up and surrounded asta and others. While asta held back their attacks, they managed to knock asta and the younger brother of crimson lion captain unconscious. The other magic knights arrived to the scene to aid asta and others but one of the enemy mage kidnapped asta before vanishing with others. At the enemy's base, they were confronted by the wizard king who defeated them, caught one of them and rescued asta. The wizard king was concerned of the pendants they had collected, including one from the crimson lion captain. Asta with wizard king returned to other magic knights who were attending to the crimson lion magic knights' injuries. They sent in more mages to guard the kingdom and also learned the enemy intended to take down clover kingdom. Asta returned to black bull guild with promotion to his rank.

Dorei-ku the animation #01:

Eia went to confront her friend's ex boyfriend who had ditched her friend and learned of a device that could turn a loser into slave for the Victor after a game. Other place, a woman turned her rapist into her slave to torment him.

Full metal panic invisible victory #01:

Sosuke tried to protect chidori when the enemy took on more aggressive stand to attack the city in order to get chidori.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #02:

The noble wife's younger brother managed to lead the imperial to crush most of allied troop and was promoted.

Grancrest Senki #14:

Theo and his newly recruited revolted people defeated the Lord's another son with his troop and took over the kingdom.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #13:

Houhou deliberately let shoran win the match, both of them earning wrath from the audiences. Flashback of younger fuu son having to scatter his elder friend's soul so the ou grandson would not devour him. When the elder fuu learned that his father had passed all technique to ou in the past instead of to his family, he vowed loyalty to the ou. In later match, the chou defeated the ou grandson. Other place, two western alchemists visited the tianshi.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #01:

Hoozuki allowed most candidates to join the ranks in hell due to shortage of manpower while his minion gave them on job training, they discussed of increasing internet and telephone fraud committed by people when they were alive.

Shiro dog told Hoozuki and the girl twins of a meal deal which allowed them free if they could finish the food within 20 min.

One Piece #831:

The wedding begun while Luffy and others begun to get into action.

Juushinki pandora #02:

Leon lost consciousness when he defeated the monster. His exile was cancelled and he and Chloe were allowed to return to lou xiang long city. The organisation investigated the evolving monsters with Leon who had been exiled in the past as he had caused world destruction before.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #02:

The two jushikiist were called to act as bodyguard to a visiting cardinal who had an agenda for the visit. Later that day, the two jushikiists were attacked by a woman who was seeking for revenge.

Tokyo ghoul re #02:

Sasaki revealed kaneki's personality as orochi ghoul fought over him. Just as sasaki was about to win, h saw the face of kaneki's former friend under the mask of orochi and lost control. Orochi escaped and the authority had managed to subdue sasaki before he could lost himself. Later, sasaki demoted ukie for disobeying instruction and promote another subordinate. Ukie wanted power like sasaki's and sought authority doctor's help. Sasaki and others passed by a coffee owned by kaneki's former friends. When he saw her, he could not stop his tears when he drank her coffee even though he could not remember her.

Apr. 12th, 2018

Animes watched

Ao no exorcist ova 2:

The principal used an erotic book to lure shima to complete 3 missions which would provoke his friends and teacher. Despite all the embarrassment, shima completed them.

Golden kamuy #01:

A soldier who survived the war, heard of a tale from an old man of a robber in prison making tattoo on other prisoners for whiteout of his robbed gold from the ainu clan whom he had killed. The soldier later found the old man killed by a bear. With help from a young ainu whose father was one of the murdered gold owners, he killed the bear and shredded the old man's skin as the latter was one of the prisoners with tattoo of gold whereout. The soldier persuaded the ainu to work with him.

Juushinki pandora #01:

Leon - an exiled agent of an organisation that eliminated mutated animals, activated his newly researched robot to fight the monsters that threatened his home and sister- Chloe. His ex colleagues saw his achievement.

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