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Aug. 5th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #66 - #67:

Boruto and others returned to konoha and life returned to normal as everyone rebuilt the damage. Naruto also made up to Boruto and Himawari by taking leave to celebrate their belated birthdays.

Cho cho was pursuing a soap opera show and liked the actor for main character. When she knew of her team and team 7 missions to protect two celebrities including the actor she liked, she used her clan jutsu to turn slim. When a stand in actress got injured during an attack, cho cho was asked to take over her role.

Muhyo to rouji no mahourit su soudan jimusho #01:

An exorcism agent ran by rouji and Muhyo got a task from a school girl - rie who was haunted by her dead friend whom she had caused her death. During the exercising process, rie wanted to make up to her dead friend for letting go her hand other time and her friend was relieved of her hatred and moved on. Rouji had nightmare of his dark past.

One Piece #847 - #848:

Chopper and brook returned to sunny ship only to find it occupied by enemies. Despite their effort, they were trapped in candy coat. Pudding and her sister told Sanji to help make cake to stop big mama's hunger pang and he agreed. Luffy and others reached the ship and faced of big mama's two sons.

Yakusoku no nanaya matsuri ova:

Shouma went to the place as suggested by his friend whom he had lost touch three years ago so he could meet him and found himself in a strange village instead where people were invited to carry out ritual for nanaya matsuri that was oversee by an AI girl - kana. He got to perform the main role with a girl - shiori. She told him that all invited people were there so they could see their dead loved ones. Shiori wanted to see her late elder sister who had died protecting her in car accident. During fights with virtual samurai, shouma recalled his lost memory and remembered his old friend was actually dead. Kana vanished when she gave shouma and shiori weapon to eliminate the enemy. As the ritual was commenced, shouma and shiori along with other people managed to meet their late loved ones to bid a proper farewell before sending them off to heaven via lit lanterns.

Lord of Vermilion guren no ou #02 - #04:

With awakening of power, chihiro killed the monster that was evolved from kotetsu 's father. Eiko turned up to put chihiro to sleep before he lost control. The mysterious man in sunglasses and a girl left. In school, chihiro met the girl again and the man in sunglasses reappeared to turn some nearby students into monsters. In the midst of battle, kotetsu, a journalist turned out to be vessels of heroic blood like chihiro. Eiko turned out to be chihiro's familiar so was the journalist's assistant to the journalist who blamed chihiro for his losing of the original assistant. Chihiro and others were led to dux who told them that living humans in Tokyo were gateways to other world creatures. To prevent world destruction, Tokyo had to be destroyed by destroying the barriers. While destroying the barriers, chihiro met the girl again and went into alternate world. Under the girl's guidance, they both returned to real world.

Jul. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Juushinki Pandora #14:

Mister gold's subordinate set monstrous centicipde to attack the city and set up posts with mister gold's ancestor skulls on it, causing Leon and other's hyper drive to lost contact with the reactor.

Satsuriku no tenshi #03:

Zack faced off grave digger - Eddie who wanted to kill Rachel but she got the remote control from him during his pursue on her and Zack killed him. Zack and Rachel ascended to next level.

One Piece #845 - #846:

Big mama pursued Luffy and others and her sun killed the king tree while Nami managed to delay big mama's pursue by luring her cloud. Chopper and brook reached their mini submarine while big mama's subordinates intruded sunny ship. Pudding tried to persuade her sister to help her making wedding cake to stop big mama's hunger pange so she could save Sanji and others.

Jul. 13th, 2018

Animes watched

Angolmois genkou kassenki #01:

An ex general was exiled with other prisoners on death row to an island which was threatened by invasion of mongolians. Initially reluctant, the general agreed to fight after he rescued the princess on the island from some Mongolian attackers.

Chuukan kanriroku tonegawa #01 - #02:

A middle rank executive - yukio had to come up with death game ideas to make his president happy. He was to lead the lower management - all men in black suit and sunglasses in meeting to come up with ideas. His plan to get along and to motivate his subordinates was first disrupted by their confusing names and later the president's participation in meeting.

One Piece #844:

The lollipop man had to trick big mama who was on hunger pang to go after the fleeing strawhats for the wedding cake. Pudding offered to make the wedding cake by forcing bege's wife to woke with her to stop big mama's hunger pang. The gemma 66 managed to stop the invading enemy into their territory. One of big mama's son intruded ship sunny before the strawhats did.

Jul. 6th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #63:

Boruto regained conscious to learn Naruto was captured after perusing his strength to protect the village. He set off with Sasuke and kages of other villages to rescue Naruto.

Naruto shippuuden #332:

Madara used his fire ability against the kages but the mage from stone village recalled his predecessor's advice and fought back. Tsunade was shocked to her late grandfather - first hokage's gene was implanted in madara. Other place, sasuke went after the reanimated itachi who was planning to stop kabuto.

Naruto SD Rock Lee no Seishun #44:

Orochimaru used trick to make Lee wear the oni mask caudding others to throw beans at him. After the mask came off an orochimaru was preparing to attack Lee, lee wanted to befriend orochimaru who fled.

Gai and his team went to village of cloud to help finding the assassin who was after raikage. Lee and gai got interested in learning rap from killer bee. Neiji whose father was killed by cloud village, saved raikage instead.

One Piece #843:

After successfully getting out of big cake island, Bege and the strawhats went on separate ways. Big mama went on rampage after failing to eat the wedding cake.

Jun. 29th, 2018

Anime watched yesterday

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #11 - #12 (Finale):

Reinhard arranged food to be taken away from the commoners along the route of the invasion and pulled his army to the further end so that the invading alliance will be forced to use their food resource to the captured terroritories. With the final food supply destroyed by Empire, Reinhard sent Siegfried to lead the empire army to attack the alliance. The other alliance squad supported Yang Wen-Li so he and 13th squad could move to the appointed area to reorganise for battle. Reinhard prepared to go there to face off the alliance.

One Piece #841 - #842:

Reijiu was cornered and was in danger as Germa 66 aided Casear to get Bege with his occupiers to safety. Luffy and Sanji got out of Bege to save Reijiu. Just when all of them got into danger, a bomb in the treasure box that was pursued by a navy spy detonated and blew up the cake island. Luffy and others were able to escape in the confusion.

Jun. 15th, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #23:

Namenba tried to take dowen the revived nonbuguna but was killed instead. Kujaku tried to turn back time and rinne tried to use his space jutsu to stop him. The castle went wild with mess up of time and space. After fighting rinne, Hachirou and Hibiki were led by their dead comrades to another present where the joujin ninja were all alive and had succeeded destroying Edo but did not know the two siblings.

Boruto Naruto next generation #62:

The enemy attacked konoha, especially Naruto who was their target. Naruto was forced to use all his strength to protect the gigantic attack.

Caligula #10:

After the go home team members related their situation in real life, they found the real culprit who trapped them was a friend outside - Marie. She threw bombs at them, plotting to kill them.

One Piece #840:

Big mom regained her sense and started attacking Bege's fortress, causing pain to him. Sanji severed ties with judge. Judge and sanji's siblings set off to fight big mom and her army to buy time for Caesar to take Bege along with others to safety.

Persona 5 the animation #10:

The school council president knew of ren and others secret as phantom thieves and wanted them to show her their sense of justice in return of her destroying the evidence. Ren and others were to change the heart of an unknown mafia who had been blackmailing school students in shibuya.

Saredo Tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #10:

The viscount had eaten his lover who had committed suicidr in return for his promise to regain her clan. Using live of his rescuers, the viscount created weapon to destroy the island. Back to present, Gayus, gigina and others tried their best to destroy the weapon but in vain. However, an unknown jushiki helped to destroy the last weapon, saving the island. Gayus reunited with his lover - jiv.

Sword art online alternate gun gale online #09:

Pito and her team easily eliminated the 6 opposing teams. Other place, LLeann and her partner also cleared their opponents. An enemy shielded LLeann from attacks after she gave her her bullets.

Jun. 9th, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #21:

Arato refused to leave with Lacia and she left without him. Ryo put him under monitoring until his sister- Shiori asked to meet Arato. After Arato told her his circumstance, she kissed him. Arato met Yuya outside shiori's hospital and after talking, he borrowed her bike, preparing to do what he was going to do. Meanwhile, snowdrop manipulated hie to snatch a kind of item.

Boruto Naruto next generation #61:

Sarada was defeated by shinki. Boruto used help from the equipment and won shinki but Naruto exposed his cheating, putting Boruto under embarrassment. Just then, an enemy appeared.

Caligula #09:

The rogues went to the musicians' base planning to find a door to return to real world. They learned they needed help from u to do that. One of them saved the people terrorised by a musician- shadow knife, only to learn shadow knife had been bullied by those people in real life. Shadow knife fell to death and all learned once a person died in mobius, they would also die in real world. Next day, the rogues were called in to meeting place by fake sms and were trapped. Only the president was not there.

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #08:

Kurama shot and killed Nami before sousuke's eyes. Lemon and his troop arrived but could not catch kurama. Sousuke guessed correctly of lemon's real idenitity, went after and killed kurama alone. Kurama told sousuke of chidori's possible location before he died.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #09:

Yang wanted to tender his resignation but was rejected. Meanwhile, the alliance council was keen to use the captured base to attack the empire. That night, yang and Julian went for dinner but were unable to find seats. The retired Excellency and his daughter who worked under yang, invited yang and Julian to join them. While on way home, yang learned of shortage of experienced technicians to run private facilities as most were enlisted in military. On outdoor television, he saw his old friend - Jessica giving anti war speech.

One Piece #839:

The ex security head created a moving fortress so his allies could seek shelter from big mom's subordinates. Nami, carrot and chopper were trapped but genma 66 regained their power and saved them.

Jun. 3rd, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #21:

Shichigen stabbed himself to protect Rui and Utsusu, injuring the old jinjou ninja. The old jinjou ninja slashed Rui and Utsusu before he died. The jinjou leader tried to force Hachirou make love to Hibiki but the latter used his influence to release the genjutus on Hibiki. The ninja from noble clan rushed into the place and slashed a jinjou ninja.

Beatless #19 - #20:

Arato and Lacia were attacked by ryo and his hie. Ryo pointed out Lacia had been using Arato to gain her aim to change the world. Arato was shocked to know Lacia was the 40th high intelligent hie.

Boruto Naruto next generation #60:

Mitsuki intentionally admitted lost to shinki as he did not want to reveal his sennin mode. Sarada won the puppet user in her round. Both she and Boruto would face shinki in final round. That night, chou chou and her team made their teacher paid dearly for her bbq treat.

Dorei-ku the animation #08:

Eia used trick and enslaved a man who was a rich businessman linked indirectly to the traitor of the scm inventor. The traitor kidnapped Julia when she was helping ryuusou to investigate him.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #20:

Tenshi was stabbed when he tried to save his friend who lost control of his power. Soran came across tenshi 's granddaughter and her friend in disadvantage when facing the zensei clan who was plotting to use the granddaughter as hostage.

One Piece #838:

In the past, a man who had cook cook devil fruit ability befriended linlin in her most difficult time before the navy could take in her. With the man, linlin created chaos in the world, becoming one of the four emperor. Back to present, the assassination plot failed and all tried to run but their escape route was destroyed.

May. 20th, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #19:

Saizou sacrificed himself to stop Murakumo castle. Jinjou wanted Hachirou to couple with Hibiki or he would have to kill her to revive the war lord. Hibiki who was manipulated to think she was the late Oboro attacked Hachirou.

Black Clover #30 - #32:

Noelle stalked asta to nean village. Asta was there to play with Rebecca's siblings and met Marie who also lived there. Gauche who wanted to visit Marie was angered to see her being close to asta and attacked asta. Marie's orphanage mother stopped him. That night, a mage lured all children to a cave where his superior plotted to suck out their magic. Noelle reported the situation to sekke who was manning magic knight main hq line. Gauche, the mother and asta went after the children. After the villains were defeated, the leader called help and the mage from the earlier terrorist group turned up. She turned the leader into monster and tried to kidnap asta but was stopped by the mother. Gauche grabbed Marie and left the scene. Sekke went to black bull hq to get reinforcement.

Boruto Naruto next generation #58:

Boruto and others went for third round tournament. Boruto, sarada, mitsuki and shikadai won first rounds.

One Piece #836 - #837:

While big mom went into craze, she recalled her past when she was abandoned by her real parents to an island where mother Carmel adopted abandoned children. After big mom aka linlin caused death to a giant when she went craze from fasting, she made enemies out of the giants unconsciously and mother Carmel had to take all children elsewhere. Mother Carmel who was actually doing children trafficking to the navy, abandoned linlin after celebrating her birthday.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #06 - #07:

Guyus and gigina were involved in destroying a monster that ate people and got attention from a jushiki police team. They both took a job with another organisation to save the leader's kidnapped nephew before attending the jushiki police team which received a threat from an enemy.

May. 13th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #56 - #57:

Chuunin exam commenced. Boruto was forced to use the equipment in round two. He and others met tennis from other villages including gaara's adopted son. Garza met other kages and told them he had been earlier attacked by enemy but was spared as he was no longer a jinchuriki.

Golden Kamuy #04 - #05:

Not wanting to get the ainu girl - Asirpa and her clan into danger, Sugimoto left the ainu village to find the tattoo map alone. He was ambushed and caught by the 7th military squad. Asirpa got help from her white wolf friend and tracked down a the earlier prisoner who had befriended Sugimoto. Together, they aided sugimoto's escape. Meanwhile, Hijikata and his followers attacked a gang after the latter refused his request to join them.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #17:

The zensei group infiltrated the base and fought chou. Someone impersonated soran and lured houhou into the woods. The tenshi passed on the way of tenshi to the real soran.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #05:

Hoozuki met the girl in hell who wanted to meet the hell minion bird who beat down the annoying old woman who had caused the girl's death in human world due to jealousy. Hoozuki chanced upon and saved a crane who tried to force Hoozuki to marry her but failed.

Juushinki Pandora #04 - #05:

Leon used his invention and destroyed a whale like monster. Queenie was attacked and injured by her ex fellow student - wang from the same martial arts school. Chole saved her. Seeing her ability, Leon planted hyper drive into her machine and she managed to control the system to defeat a bird monster controlled by Wang. Queenie and Glen joined leon's pandora team.

One Piece #834 - #835:

Big mom was overwhelmed by successive shocks and lost her focus of grieveness. Luffy made her scream and weakened by showing her the broken photo. Sanji, Nami and others took opportunity of big mom's shock to save the vinsmoke.

Apr. 29th, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk Kouka Ninpouchou #15 - #16:

The joujinshou ninjas controlled the kouga insect user usding his weakness in his past and kidnapped Hibiki using mind control. One of them confronted Hachirou, plotting to kidnap him as well. The iga ninjas decided to work with the ninja who worked for the noble to get him into the castle to save Hibiki and the young Lord.

Beatless #15:

The sleeping beauty asked all Lacia class hie to consider building a future. Kouka had been stalked by her master organisation antibody as she was framed for the airport bombing. Lacia asked Arato to build his own future instead of following plan of the sleeping beauty.

Boruto Naruto next generation #55:

The fellow clan as kaguya plotted to gain power of the chakra fruit with the remaining jinchuriki. They attacked and absorbed hachibi from killer bee and plotted to attack Naruto next. Meanwhile, Boruto and others were preparing for their upcoming chuunin exam.

Caligula #02 - #03:

Four of the students were on the run when they found their schoolmates evolving into monsters and world around them did not look right. One boy was told by his saviour to look for him to know the truth. A girl mifue was invited to a tea party and ran off after the other guests turned into monsters. A girl who ran off with her turned out to face the same visual of the world as her.

Dorei-ku the animation #03:

A boy in girl's disguise won a duel with a lady who was being attacked by another scm user. Saiye was tricked by his ex girlfriend - Julia and becam er her current master's slave. The rest knew after they saw his action when he was explained of Julia's current master. Julia met the boy who was in girl's disguise as he asked her to save the lady. When they arrived to scene, they saw a dog with scm defeated the attacker and eeon him over as its slave.

Full metal panic invisible victory #03:

The hq was under great attack and some of the men were killed while battling with powerful robots. In city, the bombs were laid by enemy around chidori's school. Sosuke asked shiori to support him to save the students.

Golden Kamuy #03:

Sumitomo and the ainu girl managed to defeat the pursuing division 7 with help of a bear and white wolf. They adopted and brought a baby bear to the ainu village. Other place, the surviving prisoners plotted to accumulate drawings of the body tattoo to find the treasure.

Grancrest Senki #15 - #16:

The dark witch was sentenced to death but she summoned a demon lord to commit suicide before she was to be burnt. Theo and Siluca returned to take over forest of eternal darkness after the dark prince attacked the white witches, werewolves and rebels within his land. One of the Union Lord sacrificed his land as decoy ggor Theo so he could gather men to attack the castle unicorn.

One piece #833:

Despite having decoys, Luffy could not reach the picture to destroy it as big mom's son anticipated his plot. A masked man broke it instead while jimbei officially declared to leave big mom's piracy team.

Persona 5 the animation #02 - #04:

Ren was joined by two classmates against the corrupted teacher who had forced a student to almost succeed committing suicide. They entered alternate world to defeat the teacher who confessed to his crimes in real life.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #04:

Guyus recovered from his injury and faced the cardinal whom he revealed as being responsible for plotting the fake assassination. He later accepted a job, even though knowing it was a trap. He and gigina were attacked by the cardinal's jushiki.

Sword art online alternate gun gale online #03 - #04:

Pito asked Lleanne to team up with her friend from real life in squad Jam tournament as she had something on in real life to do. As Lleanne was unable to get her favourite singer's concert ticket in real life, she went ahead in the tournament. Before tournament, she wrote a fan letter to her favourite singer. Lleanne teamed up with M and reached top two but was shocked to find M going to shoot her. She lodged in time and questioned M who begged her to spare his life.

Apr. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #54:

Sosuke informed Naruto of his findings and they both discussed of Boruto's attitude. Meanwhile, to persuade Sasuke to be his teacher, Boruto mastered rasengan from Konohamaru. Sosuke noticed Boruto had gotten an unauthorised ninja tool.

Dorei-ku the animation #02:

A rich girl managed to use scm equipment to enslave a man she liked against his will. However, eia and her friend's boyfriend won both of them in a game to enslave them. Upon changing of master, the man went to find his ex girlfriend only to learn she had been enslaved by someone else when he was forced to ditch her earlier.

Full metal panic invisible victory #02:

The base was under intense attack. Meanwhile, Sosuke managed to protect chidori who later was notified by enemy of her friend's captive.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #03:

Just as Reinhard and his childhood friend - Siegfried were promoted, they recalled when they first met as children when Reinhard and his elder sister moved next to siegfried's home. After reinhard's sister was forced to marry the Kaiser, Reinhard and siegfried went to military school so they could get close to reinhard's sister.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #14:

Soran faced off chou in the final match and the latter revealed his unsightly but powerful attack.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #02 - #03:

The twin girls wanted Hoozuki to buy them cute western wear but were disappointed with his choice of clothes. Hoozuki also showed the minions of he'll plants.

The he'll minions were discussing on relation of the head of welcome committee which perform role of shinigami with a fox deity and Hoozuki told them of some conflict in past which resulted all of them working in hell.

Maki was asked in act in role of magical girl and Hoozuki asked a real witch to be consultant till the director wanted to recruit her instead.

Hoozuki and the witch went to human world pharmacy and ran into kirin and his helper. They argued on choice of fashion.

One Piece #832:

The wedding officially started but big mom's plan backfired when Sanji praised how beautiful pudding's 3rd eye was. Pudding was in shock as in all her life, people only ridiculed and bullied her because of her 3rd eye. Just when big mom was commanding others to start the plan, many Luffy broke out of the birthday cake.

Apr. 14th, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #14:

While the authority was investigating the researcher's death, the sleeping beauty watched the video of the researcher before his death and invited Arato, ryo as well as their hie to her mansion.

Black Clover #26-#27:

The mysterious mages turned up and surrounded asta and others. While asta held back their attacks, they managed to knock asta and the younger brother of crimson lion captain unconscious. The other magic knights arrived to the scene to aid asta and others but one of the enemy mage kidnapped asta before vanishing with others. At the enemy's base, they were confronted by the wizard king who defeated them, caught one of them and rescued asta. The wizard king was concerned of the pendants they had collected, including one from the crimson lion captain. Asta with wizard king returned to other magic knights who were attending to the crimson lion magic knights' injuries. They sent in more mages to guard the kingdom and also learned the enemy intended to take down clover kingdom. Asta returned to black bull guild with promotion to his rank.

Dorei-ku the animation #01:

Eia went to confront her friend's ex boyfriend who had ditched her friend and learned of a device that could turn a loser into slave for the Victor after a game. Other place, a woman turned her rapist into her slave to torment him.

Full metal panic invisible victory #01:

Sosuke tried to protect chidori when the enemy took on more aggressive stand to attack the city in order to get chidori.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #02:

The noble wife's younger brother managed to lead the imperial to crush most of allied troop and was promoted.

Grancrest Senki #14:

Theo and his newly recruited revolted people defeated the Lord's another son with his troop and took over the kingdom.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #13:

Houhou deliberately let shoran win the match, both of them earning wrath from the audiences. Flashback of younger fuu son having to scatter his elder friend's soul so the ou grandson would not devour him. When the elder fuu learned that his father had passed all technique to ou in the past instead of to his family, he vowed loyalty to the ou. In later match, the chou defeated the ou grandson. Other place, two western alchemists visited the tianshi.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #01:

Hoozuki allowed most candidates to join the ranks in hell due to shortage of manpower while his minion gave them on job training, they discussed of increasing internet and telephone fraud committed by people when they were alive.

Shiro dog told Hoozuki and the girl twins of a meal deal which allowed them free if they could finish the food within 20 min.

One Piece #831:

The wedding begun while Luffy and others begun to get into action.

Juushinki pandora #02:

Leon lost consciousness when he defeated the monster. His exile was cancelled and he and Chloe were allowed to return to lou xiang long city. The organisation investigated the evolving monsters with Leon who had been exiled in the past as he had caused world destruction before.

Saredo tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #02:

The two jushikiist were called to act as bodyguard to a visiting cardinal who had an agenda for the visit. Later that day, the two jushikiists were attacked by a woman who was seeking for revenge.

Tokyo ghoul re #02:

Sasaki revealed kaneki's personality as orochi ghoul fought over him. Just as sasaki was about to win, h saw the face of kaneki's former friend under the mask of orochi and lost control. Orochi escaped and the authority had managed to subdue sasaki before he could lost himself. Later, sasaki demoted ukie for disobeying instruction and promote another subordinate. Ukie wanted power like sasaki's and sought authority doctor's help. Sasaki and others passed by a coffee owned by kaneki's former friends. When he saw her, he could not stop his tears when he drank her coffee even though he could not remember her.

Apr. 6th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #52:

Konohamaru, Boruto, sarada and mitsuki fought against white zetsu and Konohamaru finished it with rasengan. They advanced and found the rest already destroyed by sasuke's black flame. Naruto's clone went over to examine the site with Konohamaru.

Fate extra last encore #10:

Haruto and saber moved to level 6 where they learned rin and rani who had been trapped to fight for a century as floor masters. Haruto had to decide whether to kill rin or rani so they could move in. He tried to save both but only rin survived to continue support him.

One Piece #830:

The three sons of big mom easily took down a rebellious organ dealer who wanted to seek revenge on big mom who had killed his father. As Sanji moved on for his deadly wedding, Luffy and others arrived within bege's fortress hiding.

Mar. 30th, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka ninpouchou #12:

Two of the ninjas tried to lure the rain ninjas but were being pursued as they did not expect their enemy to own rifles. The insect user recalled his past when his carelessness caused his mother's death. Back to present, Hachirou turned to back both of them up.

Boruto Naruto next generation #51:

Naruto was so busy in his work that he missed Boruto's birthday celebration. Boruto warned him not to miss Himawari's upcoming birthday. Later, Boruto and others set off on mission to arrest thieves who had escaped into a cave but one of them ran out and claimed his comrades were killed by a monster. Konohamaru led Boruto, sarada and mitsuki into cave and faced off a multi limb white zetsu.

Grancrest Senki #12:

Flash back of past episodes.

Hitori no shita the outcast S2 #11:

Houhou tried to bury the priest but he outran her in time to face off soran in his match.

Death March hajimeru isekai kyousoukyoku #11 - #12 (finale):

Satou learned alchemy skills during journey and his group aided a witch's student who was trying hard to get the town Lord to allow her to continue staying by delivering potions to him. Despite the Lord's hired helps to destroy the potions, Satou and others managed to complain about the Lord to his superior as well as complete the making of potions. While on journey, Satou wrote of his experience to Zena.

Killing Bites #11:

Despite kido ripping off Hitomi's arm, she weakened him before fainting and the cheetah girl killed him. The rabbit defeated cheetah unexpectedly. Meanwhile, some invisible assassins plotted to disrupt the competition by killing the filming crews.

Kokkoku #12 (finale):

Juri took care of the baby and sent the seatback to normal time. After she almost turned into a Herald due to depression after dispelling the baby, she ran into the real founder of the cult who saved her back to normal time where Juri reunited with her family at last.

One Piece #829:

After consolidating their plots, Sanji returned to mansion to fake his presence. Jimbei's fellow pirates prepared to escape big mom's land back to their kingdom.

Overlord II #11 - #12:

Ains had a different plan while sebast succeeded destroying eight fingers and saving the girl, the devil man carried out plot to surround part of kingdom with wall of fire so Ains as momom could join the adventurers inner circle as one of the warriors

Mar. 25th, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #11:

A refresh of past episodes on whether hie has became more intelligent than humans.

Boruto Naruto next generation #50:

On the ve of appointing genins for chuunin exams, Konohamaru and others talked about how Boruto had attracted attentions like his father. Shion accidentally got himself drunk and lost control of his bugs.

Hitori no shita The outcast s2 #10:

The Taoist competitor won the match and soran asked houhou to bury him as he would be fighting him next. The frame competitor faced off the rich lady competitor and lost.

Kokkoku #11:

The head of the cult was stabbed by Juri's father and turned himself into a cocoon, spreading threads that cut Juri's father's fingers off. To prevent him panicking, Juri forced the jelly out of him. She did the same to Makoto who missed his mother. She then forced her power to the cocoon, revealing the cult head who turned into a baby.

One Piece #828:

Luffy and others met casear who was forced to work for Bege as he wanted to be free. Casear showed them his poison weapon and Luffy agreed to buy Bege5 seconds of time by being a decoy.

Sword Gai the animation #01 - #12 (finale):

An organisation that specialised in acquiring cursed weapons encountered crisis when it's administrator - Miura got possessed by the most powerful cursed sword and left after killing many people. He faced off another guy who was possessed by a flame like cursed weapon. Other place, one of the twin cursed swords in a shrine possessed a disciple who went on rampage and killed many people including a husband of a pregnant woman. The woman grabbed the cursed sword and killed the disciple but knowing she was losing control to the sword, she killed herself and her son who was born at the scene was found by a blacksmith with the cursed sword in his arms. The blacksmith - ogata named the baby - gai.

16 years later, during a ritual, due to carelessness and jealousy of another student - tatsumi, the sword possessed ogata's daughter - sayaka but gai saved her and lost his arm in the process. Ogata forged the sword into gai's arm. In other place, Miki- the organisation's one of the crysali- a possessed being who has not lost control of himself, saved a possessed guy from turning into a busoma. He brought him to the base and explained that crysali were put into cold sleep to slow down pace of becoming busoma. Tatsumi got possessed by another cursed weapon, lost control and turned into busoma. The evil aura in gai's fake arm possessed gai to fight back. The organisation awakened another crysali- ichijo to fight the busoma. Ichijo arrived in time to destroy tatsumi and identified gai as a crysali. Against wish of sayaka, gai followed ichijo back.

While on the way, ichijo stopped by to meet his girlfriend who had been waiting for him for 16 years. She had aged. Ichijo stayed with her until she passed away. Meanwhile, gai passed by a game competition and faced off an idol girl who was possessed by the flame cursed weapon as it's earlier body had crumbled. Ichijo arrived in time to support gai but the girl escaped.

Other place, a fat woman acquired power of a cursed axe weapon during her disastrous treasure hunt on sea while a hair dresser who was searching for his dead sister's murderer ran into the murderer who forced a cursed weapon into him as her body could not support two cursed weapons. The fat woman and the hair dresser met.

Miki who was dating mina - a staff in the organisation went on a mission with the new crysali whom he had earlier saved. The weapon had possessed its buyer and it went into miki who lost control. Mina managed to calm him in time with help from the arriving ichijo and gai. Back to base, the current administrator - daughter of miura knew miki was a lost cause and had to execute him. The new crysali was not aware. Mina was modified in looks and memory to babysit the new crysali.

Meanwhile, miura made his appearance and ichijo who was miura's colleague in the past, offered to stop him. He asked gai to help. When miura was about to be defeated, the origin busoma appeared and forced gai to lost control. Ichijo allowed him to be stabbed by gai so the latter would return to normal. Ichijo turned into busoma instead.

Mar. 11th, 2018

Animes watched

Death march kara hajimaru isekai kyousouyoku #08 - #09:

The hooded enemy whom Satou identified as unread king kidnapped Mia and Satou went after him into the cradle. He cleared the levels with help from short cuts and fulfilled the undead King's wish to die. Satoubalso saved the 7 female homuncli who served the undead king and they vowed to make him their master. No 7 whom Satou renamed as Nana followed Satou and others to send Mia back to her hometown while the other homuncli took the ring of the undead king to his wife's grave.

Grancrest senki #10:

The Allied attacked the lands of the Union and one of the Union Lord- Solon was killed. The others also learned of the dark prince's betrayal.

One Piece #827:

Luffy and Sanji reunited with others in Bege's mansion while Jimbei's friends tried to hide his betrayal of big mom from Pekom. Luffy and others met Lola's twin sister who was married to Bege and had no objection to their plan to kill big mom who had mistreated her in the past.

Overlord II #09:

Brain, Climb and Sebas intruded Succulent's base and arrested the masterminds of the illegal brothel while saving the victims. Ains had awaited in Sebas's place. The princess hid her real feeling of wanting to kill anyone who had insulted Climb.

Violet Evergarden #09:

After receiving letter from iris and other colleague, Violet regained her strength to lead her life without her major.

Feb. 18th, 2018

Animes watched

Death March kara hajimeru isekai kyousoukyoku #05 - #06:

Satou took in 2 more slaves - Arisa and Lulu and realised Arisa understood Japanese and was a reincarnation of a Japanese from real to game world. She had became a slave after her failure to strengthen her country as princess using knowledge from real world. Zena visited Satou and accompanied him to find an accommodation for him and his slaves while Satou sent Liza and others to buy themselves decent clothing. In an odd job place, Satou met a manager who was an elf. Later, the city was attacked by giant ants but Satou and others managed to eliminate them. That night, Satou saved a wererat knight and a child elf to the odd job manager's place.

Gin no guardian s2 #06:

Some high rank players from totem team went to Shuigin's aid when a monkey like player sought trouble to him as the former wanted to level up by defeating shuigin. With others support, shuigin blocked his attack. The monkey for stopped pestering when he was promised to fight temujin later. Shuigin and others proceeded to find temujin so he could save riku rei.

Kokkoku #05 - #06:

Shoko told others how her family turned into Herald when they were accidentally trapped in still time few years ago. Shoko 's parents and brother became mentally weak and turned into Herald. Back to present, Shoko was hoping to get Juri's help to turn her family back to human so she could take back their bodies. Tsubasa almost turned into a Herald when he killed a man who attacked him and Makoto.

Juri and her grandfather who managed to snatch Juri's father back in time found him and Juri forced the jelly like thing from tsubasa, saving him from being a Herald. Shoko found them and got them to cooperate. Juri's father lured appearance of shoko's family and Juri expelled the jelly from them, revealing their human corpses.

One Piece #825 - #826:

Sanji found Luffy and after being punched in the face, he confessed that he wanted to return to strawhats but he needed to save his biological family. Luffy offered to help and communicated with chopper and others. While big mama's 2nd and 3rd sons arrived to attend her tea party, jimbei suggested Luffy to join force with big mama's security force who had intention to kill big mama.

Overlord II #06:

Butler Sebas saved a dying woman from a slave driver rrmployed by eight fingers organisation and arranged to help her back to health. Meanwhile, a warrior who was saved by the army commander was feeling depressed. An organisation burned down a back manipulator organisation - eight fingers' drug plantation.

Feb. 7th, 2018

Animes watched

Black Clover #17-#18:

Asta, Luck and Noelle succeeded defeating the smoke mage but the latter escaped. The trio proceeded and Asta saved Yuno in time from Mars who was the secret weapon from Diamond kingdom. Asta beat him unconscious and the six proceeded to treasure chamber but Mars woke and attacked them again. Asta's sword evolved and borrowed Noelle's water elerment magic, defeating Mars. Mars recalled how his best friend had tried to kill him in survival trial years ago and had since believed only the strongest should survive. As Asta defeated Mars, he also sustained injury in his stomach.

One Piece #823-#824:

Nami and others managed to swap a fake Brook with the real one from big mom's room. Brook showed them the copies of the stone he had gotten before his earlier battle with big mom. Meanwhile, Sanji rushed to the meeting scene and found the seriously exhausted Luffy.

Jan. 28th, 2018

Animes watched

Black Clover #16:

Despite their initial opposition, asta and yuno went to luck and klaus' aid against the diamond mages' attacks. Luck recalled how he wanted to win in order to get his late mother's recognition. Asta, Noelle and luck defeated the diamond mage with teamwork.

Boruto Naruto next generation #41 - #42:

Boruto and others defeated the ninjas and saved the village leader. In otgher mission, Boruto managed to persuade a disgruntled employee from blowing himself. Konohamaru suspected a mastermind behind the matter.

Death March Kara hajimeru isekai kyousoukyoku #02 - #03:

Satoo saved Zena who was grateful and showed him around a town. They ran into three demi humans who were bullied and their master was possessed by a demon. Satoo saved the demi human slaves but all of them were trapped in a dungeon by the demon.

Garo Vanishing Line #14 - #15:

Luke went to a town to defeat a former makai knight who went astray and his seal was weakened.

A horror went to el dorado wanting to take over king but failed. People who went there were eaten by horror.

Grancrest Senki #04:

The union earl went to Theo and Siluca's aid when their negotiation with alliance failed. Theo left the land to Lassic to become a knight under the earl so he would not be separated from Siluca.

Hitori no shita s2 #02:

Shoran and haohao with others went to tenshi tournament. Houhou won the first round without a fight while shoran went to next round.

One piece #822:

Sanji decided to bring his food to Luffy who was attacked by big mama's men. Chopper and others decided to save brook who saw pudding's true colour.

Overlord II #03:

The lizard men put up a brave battle against ains ' subordinate and won.

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