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Jan. 13th, 2019

Animes watched

Boruto naruto next generation #88:

Boruto and others were taken to the base where the previous kage was shocked to know his village situation and taken away. Shikadai arrived in time to save boruto, Stade, inojin and cho cho. Shikadai, cho cho and inojin faced off an enemy while boruto and sarada faced off kirara. Akuta turned up and sacrificed itself to save inojin who wept over its death. Michiki ran into konohamaru who intruded the base.

Revisions #01 - #12 (finale):

2010, 10 year old daisuke was kidnapped and his kidnapper demanded him to call his friends - marimari, lu, gai and keisuke. Mysterious woman - milo turned up and saved daisuke, telling him that they would face terrible da ger in future and he would protect his friends. Since then, daisuke would turn big headed and got into trouble fending his friends over tribal matters, earning annoyance from his friends and sarcastic attitude from people around him.

2017, the entire shibuya was suddenly teleported to wasteland future 2388. Daisuke and his schoolmates were attacked by monsters known as revisions. Milo appeared again and made daisuke piloted string puppet to defeat the revisions which were killing and kidnapping people. Milo claimed she met daisuke and others for first time but could have used her time leap ability in future to save 2010 daisuke. Mayor muta and chief kurowai took over governing of shibuya as the city had lost connection with other part of Japan. Officer izumi accompanied milo, daisuke, keisuke, gai, lu and marimari to recover 2 more spring puppets. Gai and lu became the pilots to fight off arriving enemy while marimari and keisuke would be back up pilots. Revision leader chihara offered negotiations and tricked muta to send people with relevant gene to them as well as spring puppets so she could return shibuya to 2017. Gai, keisuke and others stopped the trade while daisuke went to pick the locked milo. He overheard milo's conversation with her organisation and realised her organisation had no real intention to save shibuya people. Milo insisted they were still on his side and rushed to the scene with daisuke but some people including keisuke's mum and daisuke's uncle were kidnapped by revisions. Muta was arrested for collaborating with enemy and locked up. Kurowai took over leadership. During the hard times, daisuke continued his ignorant and big headedness. Daisuke's uncle managed to escape to give information of revision's base. Daisuke got into trouble destroying building and hurting people when he piloted spring puppet without permission to find keisuke's mum and fought a revision as well as a mysterious monster who seemed to know him. With lead from daisuke's uncle, daisuke and others intruded revision base but keisuke's mum was killed as sacrifice for revision's plan. Keisuke ran into rage and killed chihari who evolved from the sacrificers' gene. Keisuke was mysteriously missing when daisuke and others returned defeated with survivors to shibuya as their plan to return shibuya to w017 failed.

With deteriorating situation as natural resources depleted and energy to spring puppets limited, there was an internal riot, izumi and lu were locked as hostage while muta was released to take over kurowai. Revision nichola appeared and muta tried to make a deal but daisuke and others stopped them.nicholas refused to return shibuya back to stop the future disaster as he liked current depressed condition. He vanished. During confusion, muta and kurowai were killed. Izumi was forced to take over leading position. Other shibuya residents aided to support operation to fight intruding revisions led by chihari's sister. Milo aided to lure the revision to a point for daisuke and lu to attack with spring puppets. She was later tasked with mission to go 2010 to kidnap and to kill keisuke. Daisuke met the monster again which saved marimari. He realised the monster was actually an illusion form of keisuke.

Daisuke eventually became matured and supportive over the past events. He offered to attack revision base alone while gai protected shibuya. In revision base, nicholas killed chihari's sister shifting shibuya back to 2017 and merged with crystal formed from keisuke to fight daisuke. Nicholas told daisuke that the future was read wrongly as keisuke was supposed to be the lead puppet master instead of daisuke. They were sucked into 2010. Daisuke learned 2010 keisuke was kidnapped instead of himself and went to find the younger him with others to stop milo from killing keisuke. Nicholas in keisuke from turned up threatening to kill young daisuke. Daisuke managed to fight nicholas into time space dimension. Milo was left to give younger daisuke her words for his future. In time space, daisuke won and was prepared to die alone in time space. Keisuke made appearance and created opportunity for lu, gai and marimari who were now in 2017 to make connection so daisuke could return to them, while keisuke sacrificed himself with nicholas who tried to stop them. After returning to 2017, daisuke's uncle and others tried to study the future virus to stop the disaster that would lead to wasteland in 2388. Some days later, other city in other country faced shibuya's earlier experience as witnessed by milo.

One Piece #867:

Smoothie general and her sisters went after namie and others on sunny ship while her brother and big mom went after bege. Luffy struggled in fight against the mochi devil fruit eater who was secretly aided by his sister.

Yakusoku no Neverland #01:

A group of children were brought up in an orphanage all their life and never ventured out beyond a fence. Some children were brought away and never seen. One day, a little conny was taken out next. 12year old Emma and her friend went after her to pass her soft toy but discovered conny was killed by monsters who treated the children like their livestock. Emma and her friend managed to return undetected and plotted to escape with other children, now knowing their situation.

Dororo #01:

To save his famine struck land, a lord made a deal with demons so his first son was born without organs. The son was then disposed but saved by a wandering organ maker. Years later, a young boy was running away from his theft crime victims when they ran I to demon that ate the victims. A mysterious teen turned up and killed the demon. Sky suddenly changed and the teen suddenly regained his real face. In his origin village, his lord father experienced a storm disaster for first time.

Jan. 1st, 2019

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto Next Generation #88:

shikaida managed to reach a phone and informed shikamaru of the situation so naruto could decide on next action. One of the puppet fought boruto but sarada and cho cho reached in time e to aid him. The girl puppet reached inochi and manipulated him, catching boruto and others.

golden kamuy 2nd season #10 - #12 (finale):

Sugimoto and others managed to intrude the prison. 7th division attacked the prison intending to take both the map maker and asirpa if she confirmed to be the maker's daughter. Ogata shot the map maker and sugimoto after asirpa confirmed the maker as her missing father. Ogata and asirpa's uncle who directed the shooting ran off after taking asirpa and shirashi. Sugimoto and the fortune teller were saved by the 7th division commander. Sugimoto, with help from 7th division set off to find asirpa.

karakuri circus #10 - #12:

Narumi saw memory of yin. Yin's brother took franches and yin searched 9 years for them. When he found them, franches was having infectious diseases. Despite the brothers' effort to create the life water, the villagers had already burnt franches to death. Yin's brother created a duplicated franches but as she couldn't smile, he created puppets to make her smile at expense of the villagers who had killed the real franches. He abandoned her after her failure to smile but she created midnight circus to cause chaos. Yin went to the village and created life water with his life to save the surviving villagers who called themselves shirogane after yin's later name. Back to present, narumi joined other shirogane to locate and attack midnight circus. After sacrifice of commander faceless and some others, narumi and three others faced off the four oldest puppets and franches.

one piece #866:

Sanji finally got the cake to sunny ship. He and pudding reunited with nami and others while bege lured big mum towards his ship. In mirror world, luffy was still fighting the mochi devil fruit eater.

persona 5 the animation - dark sun:

Ren's death was fake as the police officer had lured akechi into fake world where he shot the fake ren. Ren met up with others and found the future prime minister shido was the mastermind. They tried to change his heart and faced off akechi in the process. They learned shido was akechi's biological father. Akechi decided to let them pass after knowing his consequence. Shido took some pills before his virtual palace was destroyed, causing the public's fallen into depression when he confessed his crimes.

Ulysses johanne darc to renkin no kishi #12 (finale):

The destruction God was destroyed. Philip abandoned her helmet. Montmorency was promoted to lead the troops and the princess was crowned as queen of France a month later.

Dec. 16th, 2018

Animes watched

gyakusatsu kikan:

Special intelligence force in usa was tasked to find John who had influenced less developed countries into civil wars. Agent had tried to get close to john' s mistress - Lucie. His identity was exposed and the target took Lucie and escaped. Agent and his team managed to track them down. But his friend killed Lucie and he exploded the building killing his friend in process. John asked the agent to shoot him. The agent returned in glory but exposed darkness of the politics.

Mushishi zoku shou - suzu no shizuku:

A girl was being born with weeds from her hair. When Mushishi found her brother who was looking for her, he explained that she was chosen as Lord of the mountain. Dur ing her short time in returning to her family, the balance of life in mountain was disrupted. It regained to normal after she returned to the mountain. When she was going to lose her ability as mountain Lord, she told the Mushishi that she would be replaced and she would be absorbed by the mountain. She offered to sacrifice herself when Mushishi tried to help her.

One Piece #863 - #865:

Luffy faced off katakuri in the mirror world while big mum evolved in new form on strawhats ship after brook saved carrot in time from enemy ship. Jimbei managed to punch big mum off the ship and brook caught her cloud. In mirror world, Luffy recalled his past training and began to get hints of how to fight katakuri. On bege's ship, Sanji stopped Bege from putting poison to the cake and told him his pride as cook to satisfy his customers first. Bege could assassinate big mum anytime later.

Nov. 19th, 2018

Animes watched

Berserk 2017 #10 - #12 (finale):

The young witch managed to put gut into control from the cursed armour temporarily. While gut was recovering from injury after the battle, he met the skull knight who warned he would lose control again. Gut and others went to city. While alone, the young witch met sonie- the seer for Griffith. She invited the young witch to join the hawk but the latter thought of gut and rejected her offer. Sonie told her of the disaster future of city and told the witch to leave the city quickly with her friends.

Goblin slayer #06 -#07:

Goblin slayer accepted request from the sword maiden to deal with goblin in sewage of city. The priestess and others joined him. They managed to find the goblin leader but all of them were attacked. After frightening and injured the leader, the goblins escaped. Goblin slayer collapsed from injuries after confirming his comrades were safe.

One Piece #861 - #862:

While Luffy fought the mochi devil fruit eater, bege and others managed to escape from oven with help from chiffon's father who sacrificed himself. Carrot evolved to fight the enemy in her other mode under the full moon. The others sailed to aid her.

Nov. 6th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #79 - #80:

Cho cho and inojin reunited with shikadai to face off one enemy so Boruto and sarada could go after mitsuki. The three were forced to retreat when they found they were no match for the enemy. Boruto found mitsuki but the later injured and knocked him unconscious to go with the enemy. Shikadai and others reunited with sarada and the unconscious Boruto. Meanwhile the current kage of rock village was kidnapped.

Golden Kamuy 2nd season #04 - #05:

Shiraishi was captured but failed to be rescued by Hijikata when he was moment of fear of Sugimoto if the latter knew he had betrayed him once. Hijikasta got his prison mate to go with Sugimoto in disguise of an admiral to save Shiraishi but their cover was blown. Sugimoto escaped with Shiraishi while the prison mate was killed. On the hot balloon ship, Sugimoto told Shiraishi of his awareness of the latter's relation with Hijikata but the fake skin Shiraishi had given Hijikata originally proved Shiraishi was still on sugimoto's side. On the mountain, Asirpa and Sugimoto were separated from others and had to sought refuge in a deer to avoid the snow storm. Sugimoto revealed slightly of his old life before the war to Asirpa.

Ingress the animation ona #02 - #03:

Agent jack caught up and pinned Makoto but liu's men who were after Sara came. Makoto and Sara escaped in the confusion. Through unknown program in his phone, Makoto obtained green XM power of enlightenment and managed to get away with Sara from Jack. The police branded Makoto as kidnapper to Sara. Makoto decided to find the research centre in Kyoto since he was on the run. Jack went after them. In the centre that had been conducting human experiments, Sara learned she was a subject in the human experiment. She escaped with Makoto when liu's men and jack went after them.

Naruto shippuuden #333 - #334:

While the five kages were fighting madara, itachi and Sasuke confronted kabuto.

One Piece #859 - #860:

While delivering the incomplete cake, oven caught chiffon to threaten Bege who was on his way to save her. He transformed his ship into vehicle to catch the cake with pudding, Sanji and chiffon on it. Luffy was on run with brulee while trying to recover his energy but ended up being confronted by the mochi user again. On sunny ship, carrot realised it was going to be full moon night.

Oct. 25th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #77 - #78:

While fighting rouge snake - garage, Boruto saw his past of bring betrayed by his former summoner. Garage agreed to be bound by contract with Boruto so he could see if Boruto would succeed getting mitsuki back. With the success, the snake sage showed Boruto and others of mitsuki's snake's thought. Knowing mitsuki was probably misled by some ninjas from earth village, Boruto, sarada and shikaku went after mitsuki while cho cho and Inoichi returned to konoha to pass information. Meanwhile, udon and others found the enemy was from earth village as the victim regained conscious and a konoha guard was manipulated by earth village technique. Naruto told the current earth village kage of the finding. Other place, earth village ninja ku had used his short lived created ninjas to get mitsuki as he was a successful creation from orochimaru. Boruto and others caught up with one of them who had defeated pursuing konoha trackers.

Golden Kamuy 2nd season #02 - #03:

Sugimoto and Shiraishi caught up with skin maker - edogai who was trying to make fake skin map. Edogai escaped with the general's subordinate. Sugimoto, Shiraishi and ogata gave chase into mining cave. When the air in cave exploded, edogai passed the fake skin to the general's subordinate as he knew he could not escape. Sugimoto and others were rescued. They met Hijikata and others in edogai's house and curiously teamed up as they were attacked and later pursued by the general's men.

One Piece #858:

Jimbei's subordinates helped to lure away the tracking snails so jimbei, Bege and others location were not tracked by big mom's subordinates. Luffy escaped from mirror world by grabbing brulee and landed in peanut land that was currently attacked by big mom. Meanwhile, Sanji and others were near completing the best wedding cake.

Ulysses Jehanne Darc to Rankin no kishi #02 - #03:

The alchemist was forced to turn a girl - Jeanne into Ulysses after she was near death from soldier's fatal arrow shot. He inserted the philosophy stone into her wound and fed her with his body created elixer to revive her. Knowing she would be pursued by insquistor, he spread rumours that she was a saint to save France so she could avoid the fate. He brought her to look for his princess friend, hoping she would give Jeanne title of knight but he was thrown into prison with his former friend who had escaped from England years ago. Jeanne was lured to use her strength so when she fell unconscious, the alchemist's step brother would snatch the stone from her body.

Zombieland saga #03:

Sakura and others were to do guerrilla street performance. When their steps were messed up, the other two zombies who had been disinterested joined in, boosting sakura's morale. Even though the overall response was a failure, the group felt closer with one another.

Oct. 15th, 2018

Animes watched

Tensei shitara slime datta ken #02:

The slime tried to find a way to get the Dragon out but failed. In the end, the Dragon agreed to let the slime devour him so he would not be left alone when the slime found his way out of the cave. They gave each other names before the slime devoured the Dragon. Along the way out, the slime developed more skills by devouring creatures. He got out and was being asked by goblins to help them defeat the direwolves that terrorised their village.

Satsuriku no tenshi #13 - #14:

Rachel related her past when she shot her abusive father who had killed her mother and sewed them together as a perfect family. After she and Zack got away from Danny, they tried to get out via staircase but the explosive system was activated.

One piece #855 - #857:

Luffy was trapped by katakuri but got off and got to see the latter's full face when he was having tea. Angered that his secret was seen, katakuri killed the chefs nearby and got an upper hand over luffy. Meanwhile, sanji's siblings defeated their invaders and tricked big mom's subordinates into thinking they were defeated. Oven went to cacao island, preparing to fight strawhats who were on the way. Brulee told pudding of the information but sanji was confident luffy would win katakuri.

Sep. 23rd, 2018

Animes watched

Angolmois genkou kassenki #11:

Kuchii and others were forced to abandon the castle after the mongolians broke into it. While protecting the princess and the others, many of kuchii's allies were killed. While trying to secure escape route for the princess and others, kuchii got caught into an explosion and fell into the sea.

Boruto Naruto next generation #73 - #74:

Boruto and sarada found orochimaru who pointed out direction to white snake sage who could point out the meanings of mitsuki's hint. Cho cho and her team were sent to stop Boruto and sarada. After seeing mitsuki's snake, they decided to join Boruto.

Juushinki Pandora #21:

Leon and others withdrew from their mission as Doug was not being his right condition. Fiona foresaw the world destruction. When Leon and others retried again, Doug saw illusion of his late lover - emilia and got caught in an explosion.

One Piece #854:

Luffy was at an advantage when fighting katakuri but he promised to meet Nami and others in cocoa island. Brulee overheard and told her other ally. Nami and others destroyed all mirrors on ship in time to avoid brulee's attack.

Phantom in the twilight #11:

Ton and others reached the London tower where vlad and others were forced to leave ton as they fought opponents. Ton faced off the brainwashed shinyao. Helsing arrived to help ton but got injured when he shielded his former subordinate from shinyao's attacks.

Sep. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Aguu tensai ningyou #10:

The tailor organisation leader easily defeated the old saviour who arrived and tried to hold him back so ai and men could escape. Two tailors cornered ai and men but men's father went to their aid and told ai to leave so she could get help. Even with tailor ou's support, they only managed to defeat the two tailors but the leader confronted them. Meanwhile, ai was confronted by machi.

One Piece #853:

With fire from mirrors and big mama's wave attack, jimbei created green room within wave so sunny ship could escape. Luffy used a broken mirror and ordered Nami to destroy all mirrors on the ship so he could concentrate fighting katakuri. She complied after the ship escaped big mama's pursue. Other place, pudding was overwhelmed by sanji's talent in handling ingredients.

Overlord III #11:

The Prince led his army to attack enri's village but she managed to use the horn to summon high level goblins. Ains who was looking at the monitoring mirror, was surprised. He sent his maid to kill the prince and his remaining soldiers who had fled from enri's victorious goblins.

Persona 5 the animation #24:

The detective told Ren and others to change inspector sae's heart and they entered her world. Back to present in interrogation room, sae told Ren that he had been betrayed.

Satsuriku no tenshi #11:

Rachel managed to get out of the priest's illusion drug and finally got the medicine from him to heal Zack. When they reached next level, Rachel recalled something and dared Zack to see behind the door of a room.

Shichisei no Subaru #12:

With elicia's help, clive got away from enemy's attack. Haruto awakened his power and defeated the enemy. Ashahi recalled real past event when Haruto had confronted her with his pointed sword but was actually saving her from an attacking monster behind her. She got control of her exploding power and regained her normal conscious. Back to real world, tananoki found nozomi in a cafe and brought her back to her home. Haruto's sister noticed he had become more cheerful. Haruto began to look forward going to game world as Subaru was reunited.

Sep. 7th, 2018

Animes watched

Juushinki Pandora #20:

Leon was hesitating on telling Chloe that sieg was her brother. Just then, Sieg used brai to possess a satellite to attack a city that provided neo xiang long supplies. Doug and Queenie flew to outer space to shoot the satellite. Queenie's enemy- Wang fought her. Doug tried to shoot but a voice from his late lover made him lost concentration and missed his target. The satellite destroyed a place.

Phantom in the twilight #08:

Vlad and others worried for ton who lost her memory of shinyao and constantly checked on her. Meanwhile, Chris and shinyao were on the run from midnight sun. After a full day rest, ton regained her hair colour and memory of shinyao.

One Piece #852:

Luffy was struggling to fight kataruki who ordered brulee to send their subordinates to burn sunny ship through her mirrors. Pudding modified her chefs' memory so they would support Sanji and chiffon to make wedding cake to stop big mama's madness.

satsuriki no tenshi #09:

Rachel found zack's knife and saw his living environment. Danny wanted Zack to dig and gave him Rachel's eyes but was refused. He left off. Rachel met Zack and they both went together to find Danny for medicine to heal Zack. Zack collapsed from blood loss and lent Rachel his knife to continue her pursue.

Angolmois genkou kassenki #07 - #08:

Under guidance from the emperor who was teruhi's great grandfather, kuchii and others sought refuge in a clan's castle. One convict killed another convict for a mongolian's pass and passed information to the enemy to invade the castle.

Lord of Vermilion guren no ou #07 - #08:

Chihiro had dream of kotetsu's death and he confined to yuri. Meanwhile, Jun wanted haru to support him in giving chihiro a painful death by killing someone close to him first. Yuri stopped jun in time from torturing kotetsu in front of chihiro. Chihiro introduced yuri to others as ally. The lady detective believed chihiro did not kill his own father when he was 7 years old and went to investigate but was killed. Others doubted yuri as her father went to fetch her. Seeing chihiro in difficult ground, yuri left with her father and was punished by her father later.

Tenrou Sirius no jaeger#06 - #08:

Professor Willard told yuily to decide how to live his life other than revenge since his elder brother was still alive as vampire. Yuily asked Philips how he managed since Philips parents were killed by someone from yuily's clan and Philips told him he did not live on revenge. Later, Willard got information from a dying comrade of intended invasion of the Japanese baron's home and ryouko was tasked to protect her family. The leading vampire told yuily that Willard was the one who analysed information from an ancient book to the vampires, leading to downfall of yuily's clan. Yuily killed the leading vampire but could not bring himself to kill Willard who was like a father to him for past 10 years. With aid from Willard, yuily moved to a place where the senior vampire who had turned yuily's brother into vampire, had moved as he could have known location of Sirius box. The senior vampire wanted yuily's brother to retrieve the box from yuily's father's seal but failed. The vampire plotted to use yuily next. Meanwhile, yuily and his new comrade went to an old man's aid and yuily was attacked by the senior vampire's subordinates.

Sep. 1st, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #70 - #71:

Metal bought metal necklace hoping to overcome anxiety. Lee was disappointed that metal could not face his weakness. Gai counselled metal who used his weakness to win Lee in a duel.

Mitsuki had misgivings about his will. Boruto, sarada and mitsuki ran into the previous tsukikage who answered Boruto's question about the hardest stone in the world and commented mitsuki did not seem to have soild will. Later, mitsuki received a letter from orochimaru and burnt it later.

One Piece #851:

After jimbei told Brooke and others off to leave grieveness for later to face current problem, they concentrated in running away from the pursuing big mama. Meanwhile, Luffy was having difficulty fighting big mama's son.

Overlord II #07 - #08:

Ains returned to his base to lead his subordinates to catch the intruding workers for human experiments and later sent two of his subordinates to challenge the kingdom that had engaged the workers to invade his base.

Shichisei no Subaru #08 - #09:

Under ashahi's power, Haruto was transported to alternate world where it was him and not ashahi who had lost past 6 years. He had a talk with elicia and returned to current game world and stopped the fake clive from stabbing him. The real clive appeared and aided Haruto defeating the fake clive. With information from other member, Haruto and satsuki located nozomi in real world. Nozomi logged onto game and mistook thrr boy she liked to bering interested in satsuki and ran off. She got trapped by a guild which was interested in ashahi's power.

Sword gai the animation II #04:

Rie ran away from her doctor and ran into Marcus who forced her into marrying him. Shin saw and tried to save rie. A possessed man appeared and handed a sword to shin who killed Marcus but rie began to get possessed. In a shrine, gai was taken in by himiko for training.

Aug. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Juushinki Pandora #19:

While undergoing medical test in hospital as Leon survived his fatal injury without loss of blood, he, Queenie and Doug underwent strange transition when their body suddenly took control remotely of their automobile for a while. Leon suspected it was their evolution just like evoluted animals around them.

One Piece #849 - #850:

The strawhats and sunny were trapped between big mum and her subordinates while being stuck on candy. Pedro sacrificed himself by activating a bomb with the candy man so sunny will be free from the candy. Carrot recalled her time when Pedro trained her as a warrior and wanted to exact revenge on katuri - another of big mom's son on sunny ship. Luffy saved her in time and usding bruelee, he trapped himself and katuri into the mirror world, smashing the mirror that would lead to his ship so others could escape on sunny without enemy on the ship.

Overlord III #06:

Adventurers outside the area of rules of guilds, accepted invitation by a rich noble to hunt a grave. Ains in disguise of Mormon, joined in.

Satsuriku no tenshi #07:

To save the bleeding Zack, Rachel made a deal with a floor resident - a priest to return to the previous floors for medication to heal Zack. She had to pass a test on every level. At cathy's floor, Rachel faced zombies and she went control room to use the machine guns to shoot them down.

Shichisei no Subaru #07:

While searching for haruto's previous sword, they met clive- ne of their former guild member. After clive aided Haruto obtained his previous sword, he suddenly stabbed him in his back.

Aug. 5th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #66 - #67:

Boruto and others returned to konoha and life returned to normal as everyone rebuilt the damage. Naruto also made up to Boruto and Himawari by taking leave to celebrate their belated birthdays.

Cho cho was pursuing a soap opera show and liked the actor for main character. When she knew of her team and team 7 missions to protect two celebrities including the actor she liked, she used her clan jutsu to turn slim. When a stand in actress got injured during an attack, cho cho was asked to take over her role.

Muhyo to rouji no mahourit su soudan jimusho #01:

An exorcism agent ran by rouji and Muhyo got a task from a school girl - rie who was haunted by her dead friend whom she had caused her death. During the exercising process, rie wanted to make up to her dead friend for letting go her hand other time and her friend was relieved of her hatred and moved on. Rouji had nightmare of his dark past.

One Piece #847 - #848:

Chopper and brook returned to sunny ship only to find it occupied by enemies. Despite their effort, they were trapped in candy coat. Pudding and her sister told Sanji to help make cake to stop big mama's hunger pang and he agreed. Luffy and others reached the ship and faced of big mama's two sons.

Yakusoku no nanaya matsuri ova:

Shouma went to the place as suggested by his friend whom he had lost touch three years ago so he could meet him and found himself in a strange village instead where people were invited to carry out ritual for nanaya matsuri that was oversee by an AI girl - kana. He got to perform the main role with a girl - shiori. She told him that all invited people were there so they could see their dead loved ones. Shiori wanted to see her late elder sister who had died protecting her in car accident. During fights with virtual samurai, shouma recalled his lost memory and remembered his old friend was actually dead. Kana vanished when she gave shouma and shiori weapon to eliminate the enemy. As the ritual was commenced, shouma and shiori along with other people managed to meet their late loved ones to bid a proper farewell before sending them off to heaven via lit lanterns.

Lord of Vermilion guren no ou #02 - #04:

With awakening of power, chihiro killed the monster that was evolved from kotetsu 's father. Eiko turned up to put chihiro to sleep before he lost control. The mysterious man in sunglasses and a girl left. In school, chihiro met the girl again and the man in sunglasses reappeared to turn some nearby students into monsters. In the midst of battle, kotetsu, a journalist turned out to be vessels of heroic blood like chihiro. Eiko turned out to be chihiro's familiar so was the journalist's assistant to the journalist who blamed chihiro for his losing of the original assistant. Chihiro and others were led to dux who told them that living humans in Tokyo were gateways to other world creatures. To prevent world destruction, Tokyo had to be destroyed by destroying the barriers. While destroying the barriers, chihiro met the girl again and went into alternate world. Under the girl's guidance, they both returned to real world.

Jul. 22nd, 2018

Animes watched

Juushinki Pandora #14:

Mister gold's subordinate set monstrous centicipde to attack the city and set up posts with mister gold's ancestor skulls on it, causing Leon and other's hyper drive to lost contact with the reactor.

Satsuriku no tenshi #03:

Zack faced off grave digger - Eddie who wanted to kill Rachel but she got the remote control from him during his pursue on her and Zack killed him. Zack and Rachel ascended to next level.

One Piece #845 - #846:

Big mama pursued Luffy and others and her sun killed the king tree while Nami managed to delay big mama's pursue by luring her cloud. Chopper and brook reached their mini submarine while big mama's subordinates intruded sunny ship. Pudding tried to persuade her sister to help her making wedding cake to stop big mama's hunger pange so she could save Sanji and others.

Jul. 13th, 2018

Animes watched

Angolmois genkou kassenki #01:

An ex general was exiled with other prisoners on death row to an island which was threatened by invasion of mongolians. Initially reluctant, the general agreed to fight after he rescued the princess on the island from some Mongolian attackers.

Chuukan kanriroku tonegawa #01 - #02:

A middle rank executive - yukio had to come up with death game ideas to make his president happy. He was to lead the lower management - all men in black suit and sunglasses in meeting to come up with ideas. His plan to get along and to motivate his subordinates was first disrupted by their confusing names and later the president's participation in meeting.

One Piece #844:

The lollipop man had to trick big mama who was on hunger pang to go after the fleeing strawhats for the wedding cake. Pudding offered to make the wedding cake by forcing bege's wife to woke with her to stop big mama's hunger pang. The gemma 66 managed to stop the invading enemy into their territory. One of big mama's son intruded ship sunny before the strawhats did.

Jul. 6th, 2018

Animes watched

Boruto Naruto next generation #63:

Boruto regained conscious to learn Naruto was captured after perusing his strength to protect the village. He set off with Sasuke and kages of other villages to rescue Naruto.

Naruto shippuuden #332:

Madara used his fire ability against the kages but the mage from stone village recalled his predecessor's advice and fought back. Tsunade was shocked to her late grandfather - first hokage's gene was implanted in madara. Other place, sasuke went after the reanimated itachi who was planning to stop kabuto.

Naruto SD Rock Lee no Seishun #44:

Orochimaru used trick to make Lee wear the oni mask caudding others to throw beans at him. After the mask came off an orochimaru was preparing to attack Lee, lee wanted to befriend orochimaru who fled.

Gai and his team went to village of cloud to help finding the assassin who was after raikage. Lee and gai got interested in learning rap from killer bee. Neiji whose father was killed by cloud village, saved raikage instead.

One Piece #843:

After successfully getting out of big cake island, Bege and the strawhats went on separate ways. Big mama went on rampage after failing to eat the wedding cake.

Jun. 29th, 2018

Anime watched yesterday

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #11 - #12 (Finale):

Reinhard arranged food to be taken away from the commoners along the route of the invasion and pulled his army to the further end so that the invading alliance will be forced to use their food resource to the captured terroritories. With the final food supply destroyed by Empire, Reinhard sent Siegfried to lead the empire army to attack the alliance. The other alliance squad supported Yang Wen-Li so he and 13th squad could move to the appointed area to reorganise for battle. Reinhard prepared to go there to face off the alliance.

One Piece #841 - #842:

Reijiu was cornered and was in danger as Germa 66 aided Casear to get Bege with his occupiers to safety. Luffy and Sanji got out of Bege to save Reijiu. Just when all of them got into danger, a bomb in the treasure box that was pursued by a navy spy detonated and blew up the cake island. Luffy and others were able to escape in the confusion.

Jun. 15th, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #23:

Namenba tried to take dowen the revived nonbuguna but was killed instead. Kujaku tried to turn back time and rinne tried to use his space jutsu to stop him. The castle went wild with mess up of time and space. After fighting rinne, Hachirou and Hibiki were led by their dead comrades to another present where the joujin ninja were all alive and had succeeded destroying Edo but did not know the two siblings.

Boruto Naruto next generation #62:

The enemy attacked konoha, especially Naruto who was their target. Naruto was forced to use all his strength to protect the gigantic attack.

Caligula #10:

After the go home team members related their situation in real life, they found the real culprit who trapped them was a friend outside - Marie. She threw bombs at them, plotting to kill them.

One Piece #840:

Big mom regained her sense and started attacking Bege's fortress, causing pain to him. Sanji severed ties with judge. Judge and sanji's siblings set off to fight big mom and her army to buy time for Caesar to take Bege along with others to safety.

Persona 5 the animation #10:

The school council president knew of ren and others secret as phantom thieves and wanted them to show her their sense of justice in return of her destroying the evidence. Ren and others were to change the heart of an unknown mafia who had been blackmailing school students in shibuya.

Saredo Tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #10:

The viscount had eaten his lover who had committed suicidr in return for his promise to regain her clan. Using live of his rescuers, the viscount created weapon to destroy the island. Back to present, Gayus, gigina and others tried their best to destroy the weapon but in vain. However, an unknown jushiki helped to destroy the last weapon, saving the island. Gayus reunited with his lover - jiv.

Sword art online alternate gun gale online #09:

Pito and her team easily eliminated the 6 opposing teams. Other place, LLeann and her partner also cleared their opponents. An enemy shielded LLeann from attacks after she gave her her bullets.

Jun. 9th, 2018

Animes watched

Beatless #21:

Arato refused to leave with Lacia and she left without him. Ryo put him under monitoring until his sister- Shiori asked to meet Arato. After Arato told her his circumstance, she kissed him. Arato met Yuya outside shiori's hospital and after talking, he borrowed her bike, preparing to do what he was going to do. Meanwhile, snowdrop manipulated hie to snatch a kind of item.

Boruto Naruto next generation #61:

Sarada was defeated by shinki. Boruto used help from the equipment and won shinki but Naruto exposed his cheating, putting Boruto under embarrassment. Just then, an enemy appeared.

Caligula #09:

The rogues went to the musicians' base planning to find a door to return to real world. They learned they needed help from u to do that. One of them saved the people terrorised by a musician- shadow knife, only to learn shadow knife had been bullied by those people in real life. Shadow knife fell to death and all learned once a person died in mobius, they would also die in real world. Next day, the rogues were called in to meeting place by fake sms and were trapped. Only the president was not there.

Fullmetal Panic invisible victory #08:

Kurama shot and killed Nami before sousuke's eyes. Lemon and his troop arrived but could not catch kurama. Sousuke guessed correctly of lemon's real idenitity, went after and killed kurama alone. Kurama told sousuke of chidori's possible location before he died.

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #09:

Yang wanted to tender his resignation but was rejected. Meanwhile, the alliance council was keen to use the captured base to attack the empire. That night, yang and Julian went for dinner but were unable to find seats. The retired Excellency and his daughter who worked under yang, invited yang and Julian to join them. While on way home, yang learned of shortage of experienced technicians to run private facilities as most were enlisted in military. On outdoor television, he saw his old friend - Jessica giving anti war speech.

One Piece #839:

The ex security head created a moving fortress so his allies could seek shelter from big mom's subordinates. Nami, carrot and chopper were trapped but genma 66 regained their power and saved them.

Jun. 3rd, 2018

Animes watched

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #21:

Shichigen stabbed himself to protect Rui and Utsusu, injuring the old jinjou ninja. The old jinjou ninja slashed Rui and Utsusu before he died. The jinjou leader tried to force Hachirou make love to Hibiki but the latter used his influence to release the genjutus on Hibiki. The ninja from noble clan rushed into the place and slashed a jinjou ninja.

Beatless #19 - #20:

Arato and Lacia were attacked by ryo and his hie. Ryo pointed out Lacia had been using Arato to gain her aim to change the world. Arato was shocked to know Lacia was the 40th high intelligent hie.

Boruto Naruto next generation #60:

Mitsuki intentionally admitted lost to shinki as he did not want to reveal his sennin mode. Sarada won the puppet user in her round. Both she and Boruto would face shinki in final round. That night, chou chou and her team made their teacher paid dearly for her bbq treat.

Dorei-ku the animation #08:

Eia used trick and enslaved a man who was a rich businessman linked indirectly to the traitor of the scm inventor. The traitor kidnapped Julia when she was helping ryuusou to investigate him.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #20:

Tenshi was stabbed when he tried to save his friend who lost control of his power. Soran came across tenshi 's granddaughter and her friend in disadvantage when facing the zensei clan who was plotting to use the granddaughter as hostage.

One Piece #838:

In the past, a man who had cook cook devil fruit ability befriended linlin in her most difficult time before the navy could take in her. With the man, linlin created chaos in the world, becoming one of the four emperor. Back to present, the assassination plot failed and all tried to run but their escape route was destroyed.

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